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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1

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I am Dylan Ford and I am the school’s popular jock. Like any other high school popular kid, I was always surrounded by those girls that a guy would want to have. Hot blondes, sexy Latinas, cute Asians and lovely brunettes, name it and I can have it.

I could call myself a player, I know some people may say that it is a bad thing to do but hey…I’m young, handsome, and wealthy… and I have teenage hormones that I have to take care of. With all that, my life would be perfect… not until I have to be partner with a nerd. Not just that, a nerd with big eyeglasses, plus out fashioned clothes, like she’s been wearing her mother’s clothes plus clumsiness.

“Sorry.” She said when she broke another tube.

I hissed. “Will you please stop being so clumsy.” I said as my temper is getting on my nerves.

“Sorry.” She said again not even looking into my eyes.

“Whatever…just clean that up. I don’t want Mrs. Henson to scold me from your fault.” I said.

I know, that sounds mean, but I can’t help it. This is the second day that I have to put up with her and I’m already tired of it.

“R-right away.” She said and ran off to get some cleaning materials.

“Dude…be gentle. Poor Lisa…she has to be paired up with a lion.” My friend Bart said when my partner is gone.

I rolled my eyes. “Whatever…she’s just so clumsy. I don’t get it.” I said.

“Pft…maybe you make her nervous…or she’s just simply scared of you.” He said.

I raised my eyebrow. “Me?? She’s scared of me? Puh-lease Bart…I mean look at me…do I look like I scare girls to you?” I don’t mean to be vain, but being scared to me would be an insult.

“Whatever man…just be gentle with her.”

“Why do you care? Do you like her?” I said giving him a smirk. Among all my friends, Bart has the softest heart. But I think being caring for this girl would mean something.

“W-what if I do?” he said and looked away.

My lower mouth just fell from my upper mouth. I don’t really know what to call them but it just happened. “No way dude…I mean no offense but…she’s kind of out of our league don’t you think?” I said.

“Maybe on your league…but not mine.” He said.

“Okay…this is officially getting out of nowhere…are you freakin serious about this?”

“Shush! She’s coming.” He said and went back to his table.

I face my own shaking my head. I can’t believe this. As I saw my partner walking wobbly towards our table I can’t help but check her out. Something must be wrong with Bart. He can’t possibly like a girl with… ocean blue eyed girl. I swallowed a lump. I have to admit those eyes are like…drowning me. Without those huge glasses, it would have been more obvious that she a beautiful eyes. Her nose was small but pointed just enough to compliment her heart shaped face. Her long lashed adds more drama on her features. Her petite figure would want you to protect her from any other harmful guys out there that would have to eat her alive. She looked weak with those tiny wrists of her that is the only skin that is showing from her. I could have been her knight….I mentally slapped myself when I realized what was I thinking.

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