No character info because I'm a noob

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Hello people! It is I, de writer. This is my first Fanfiction... EVER.

I was told by my friends to make a black butler fanfic, hence the fact that black butler is my life. ((Awww yeah)) i kinda didn't want to do it... But then, I did, being convinced by my two really good friends, @blood_death_reaper & @Maddiexox, they told me I should do it. So here's my first ever BLACK BUTLER FANFIC. ENJOY. Oh ha I nearly forgot! I do not own Black butler and all that right ownership stuffs blah blah blah.... ONCE AGAIN. ENJOY!!!


Edited about a 3/4's of a year later~

So... After a while of having a character info! I just ditched it. O3O woop woop! NO WAIT DONT LEAVE. \(T^T\) I'm a noob and I'm sorry. ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER \(0<0)~


Edited even later:
Warning: Slow updates due to procrastination and being a terrible sport. [No excuses of why I don't update I'm just terrible.. I'm sorry reader......]


Edited even later later

Currently on hold as of now..


Edited even later later later

BOI ITS OVER. There ain't gonna be any more updates unless God calls upon me with a divine calling.

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