4. First Impressions

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"Relax Mia." He whispered as his lips brushed against my neck. His hands gripped my hips, his fingers splayed against my lower belly and I was enveloped with warmth as he stepped in closer behind me. "How was your flight?" He asked against my ear.

"Too long." I breathed, my body reacting to the sound of his voice and the touch of his hands. My panties forming that ever present dampness.

"Ready?" He asked and I tried to hide the moan as his question took my mind to the gutter.

"Yes." I answered softly. His large hand engulfed my smaller one as he laced his fingers through mine, giving them a quick squeeze of reassurance.

"There it is." I said as my bag finally appeared on the conveyor belt.

"Are you sure? How can you tell?"

I was about to answer when I heard him laughing. Okay so my bright orange bag kinda stood out amongst all the black ones. I shrugged instead.

"Just a hunch."  I watched as he made his way over to collect it for me.

His body was even more amazing than I'd thought.  His muscly legs filled out his faded black denim jeans beautifully, his ass perfectly sculpted.  I reluctantly raised my eyes to his back.  Under his pale grey tshirt his shoulders were broader than I'd initially thought and they tapered down to a lean waist.  I watched the veins in his arms pop and his muscles ripple with each movement he made as he reached for my bag.  Everything about him screamed strength and power.   Everything inside me screamed want.

He smiled when he faced me and I returned it, probably too eagerly. Probably too much like an infatuated school girl. But I couldn't help it, I couldn't stop it. I was completely infatuated. It wasn't only his looks and voice, I had spent over a week speaking to him. I'm not that shallow! Or am I? I wondered.

Jay interrupted the argument I was having with myself, his eyes holding that hint of amusement I'd become familiar with already. 

"Shall we go?" 

"Yep."  I answered excitedly.

Climbing into his Nissan Patrol my butterflies returned.  We were going to be alone, just the two of us, his beautiful tempting body and my average one.  His deep, gravelly voice and my average one. My excitement suddenly turned to nervousness as he put the car in gear and started driving to an unknown destination.

As if sensing my sudden unease, he reached over and held my hand.

"Trust me Mia."

As much as I knew those words should comfort me, I was in a position that put me at a complete disadvantage. I could be walking into a trap, although I didn't feel like I was. But, there were no guarantees that this weekend would end as I expected or wanted it to.

In the grand scheme of things I knew nothing about him, except what he'd told me. So, again I started to panic. He could be a fucking serial killer for all I knew!

"I much preferred your breath hitching when I touched you, not from these second thoughts you seem to be having." He said as his thumb rubbed over the top of my hand. 

I smiled over at him.  "Sorry, I'm a bit nervous."  I admitted. 

"Fair enough."  He said after a moment of thought. "I'd actually be concerned if you wasn't." He admitted and I felt myself relax, thinking I'm probably not on his hit list.

"Have you thought about what you want to do while you're here?" He asked and I shook my head.

"Not really...oh one thing I'd really enjoy is to go to the beach?"  It came out as a question and I was relieved when he smiled. 

"Of course."

"You live in Fremantle?"  I asked as I took note of the signs he seemed to be following. 

"Yep, do you know it?" 

"Only what I remember from the Americas Cup?"  I suddenly wasn't sure if I had it right or not. 

"Yeah, prices sky rocketed after that.  The whole town was revamped and changed from a dingy fishing town into a trendy place to be.  The change was instant." 


"God yes, it's so strange to think of how it was then to how it is now."

It was at that moment we pulled into a driveway and I gasped at the house that sat before us. 

"Is this yours?"  I asked as I tried to catch my breath and he laughed. 

"Yes Mia, this is mine." 

Even from the front I could tell how impressive it was, how much it screamed money and I suddenly felt completely out of my comfort zone.  As if sensing my apprehension, Jay took my hand as he helped me out of the car. 

"It's just a house Mia, relax." 

I nodded dumbly as he grabbed my bag and led me inside.

"Drink?" he asked as he led me into the spacious kitchen. 

I looked at the modern design and how his many appliances hardly touched the massive bench space.  Oh god, how I'd love to cook in this kitchen.  The marble bench tops were so shiny they looked polished, the stainless steel fridge and dishwasher the same and I realised I'd never be allowed to be let loose in here, not with the mess I make. 


"Huh?"  I looked towards a smirking Jay and felt my cheeks redden. 

"Would you like a drink?"  He asked as he held up the wine bottle he was holding. 

"Uh, yes please."

It was a lot warmer here than when I'd left home and I asked Jay if there was somewhere I could change.

"Right here." He answered and my palms went sweaty at the same time as my heart leapt out of my chest.

Jays chuckle made me feel silly but I smiled as he pointed me towards the bathroom. Quickly washing myself, I stripped out of my jeans and jumper and slipped into a dress. It was nothing flashy, just a long dress that was cool and comfortable.

"Nice." He smiled as I stepped back into the kitchen.

"Thanks." I answered shyly as he passed me my drink and led me outside to lounge around the pool.

"This is really nice Jay." I said truthfully.

"Thanks, as I said I got in at the right time."

"The view is amazing." I looked over at the river below, a few lights from boats still shining brightly. "It's so peaceful." I added.

"That it is." He agreed.

We chatted for hours, just the same as we'd been doing over face time, and while I thought of it that way, my heart didn't.  It was thumping away so loud I could hardly hear his words. 

"Mia, are you okay?"  He held my arm and my heart started beating faster, louder and I couldn't respond as my tongue glued itself to the top of my mouth.  I realised that the sun was coming up and took that as an excuse. 

"I'm fine Jay, just time catching up I guess?" 

I looked into his beautiful deep green eyes and hoped I showed sincerity.

In all honesty, I was so focussed on every word he spoke, my eyes watching his lips each and every word he said, my body trying to hold itself together as I listened to his voice, that I didn't realise how much time had passed. The copious amounts of wine hadn't helped, but it made for a great excuse.

"Sure babe, I'll show you to your room."

I smiled gratefully even though I felt a little dejected for having my own room and not one shared with Jay. I knew in the morning I'd be grateful for it though. I think.

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