[ i : in which she makes a deal with the devil ]

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"Asshole," I muttered under my breath as I sidestepped his hand.

"Oh, pardon me, darling, did you say something?" He looked at me with his casual smirk, his accent thick and flawless.

I faked a disgustingly sweet grin. "But whatever is there to say about you?"

"That I'm handsome, a sex god, or just generally sexy?" He replied. The group of girls following him giggled. He winked at them and they giggled again.

"How about something more along the lines of jerk, bastard, or asshole?" I offered, not even bothering to keep up my fake smile as I was rapidly growing irritated. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have places to be," Without waiting for an answer, I stepped to the side to walk past him.

He stepped in front of me. "Nope." His smirk grew into a very cocky grin.

I moved again to the side and he followed staying in front of me. His idiot group of friends snickered as my face turned grim.

I shoved him, catching him off guard and causing him to stumble. "I wasn't asking you, asshole!" I snapped.

"You little-" He sneered as he regained his footing.

"You started it!" I scowled. "You tried to slap my ass!"

His sneer turned into a smirk. "Well you have a very nice ass,"

I scowled at him. "Nice try, douchebag. I'm not letting you get in my pants. Ever!" I snapped again. Seriously. This guy got on my fucking nerves.

One of the girls behind him giggled and tugged on his arm. "Come on," she whined. "Seth you said you would take me to your house," She glanced at me with a malicious look before turning back to him and giving a sickeningly sweet smile.

I rolled my eyes and smiled icily. "Yes, Seth, why don't you leave now?" I asked in a voice that matched hers.

He looked me over, amused. "No can do kitten," he said. "Annoying you is too much fun,"

"Sethhh," The girl, Laura I think her name was, whined again.

Seth turned his head to her lazily with a boyish smile. "One second babe," he said.

I saw my chance and, in that second, maneuvered through Seth Parkers and his groupies, rushing through the door and heading outside to my car. Glancing around swiftly to make sure no one saw me, I unlocked it, my Lamborghini Veneno, and slid into the driver's seat with a sigh.

"Stupid Seth," I muttered. Then I felt a shiver down my spine. I got that feeling again. I felt like.. like I recognized him. Strange, huh? Yeah, I thought so too. But.. it was there. Something about him.. I knew I had seen him before. I just knew- I shook my head and brushed it off, chiding myself mentally for sounding so mental. Starting my car up, my face turned grim as I realized what I had to do when I got home. Same story, every single friggin' day.

As I pulled up at my house, it was only about fifteen or so minutes away, I let out a huge breath. Slowly, I climbed out of the car and walked to the front porch. I rummaged through my purse and pulled out the keys to my house. Unlocking the door quietly, I stepped inside. I don't know if I mentioned this, but my parents? They're rich. My mom makes like a million dollars selling houses, and my dad is the CEO of some company or another. Honestly, though, I really don't care either. I mean, yeah, I like to spend at times and it is helpful, but mostly, all it does is cause problems. Look what it did to m- Mmph.

No one in my school knows though. I keep it a secret. Plus, I didn't want people faking being my friends for my money, or thinking I was a snob.

"There you are," My mom said acidly, standing a few feet away from me. "I've been waiting,"

I forced a tight smile. "I'm so sorry to disappoint you." Note the sarcasm.

"I've got a proposal for you," she said, completely ignoring me.

"How original," I said, my voice thick with more sarcasm.

"Shut up and listen to me for once!" she snapped.

"It's not like I have a choice," I muttered under my breath before I glared at my mother. "Well then. Get on with it." I spoke coldly, despite her being my mother.

Her eyes sparkled. Uh oh. There are a few people I never want to see that look in their eyes. My mom is very very high on that list.

"I'll give you a hundred if you can win the next one," she said with a smirk. An evil smirk.

My jaw went slack. "Holy shit that's a lot!" I exclaimed. And then something dawned to me. ".. What's the catch?"

"You're up against Calyx." she said with a challenge dancing in her eyes. "Calyx Andrews."

My mouth dropped open even more, if that was possible, and I ran my hand through my hair. "Calyx? That guy.. He's incredible.. Word is he's almost never lost.."

"Aw, too bad, guess you can't get it then," she said then sneered, "Helpless,"

My head snapped to her direction, and I glared at her harshly. She knew I couldn't let a challenge go. Ever. Even when I knew she was purposely getting on my nerves and challenging me. "I'll do it," I said finally. "When?"

She grinned wide. "Tonight." she said and walked off to her room.

I stared after her and listened to her heels clacking on the gorund before letting out a frustrated sigh. "Shit. Shit." I headed up to my room to get ready for the rest of my day. Looks like I was going to have a longer day then I thought.


Author's Note: so?? sooooo what do you think??? And I know everything with Rose's life is hazy but that's kind of the point.. It'll be explained more throughout the story, mostly in the next chapter. Please please comment any thoughts, or ideas, questions or critism.

Thanks and peace out xoxo

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