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"Can you turn off the music please?" Colin turns it off and I sigh in relief.

It reminds me too much of old times with me, mom and dad riding in the car and the music blasting and Mom and I singing on the top of our lungs.

It was one of the songs we'd sing.

Dad would just have laughed at how terrible we sounded.

Colin slips his hand in mine and intertwines our hands together.

I smile at him and can feel the spark go through me. I can tell he feels it too as his eyes widen and then go back to normal.

"So... mind telling me where you're taking me."

He smirks and we pull up to some kind of lake house.

"We're here!"

He unlocked our hands and I miss the warmth of his hands the second they're gone.

Colin says that he used to love coming here when he was little but now he only comes to get away.

He directs me to my room and I find an outfit to change into.

It's very embarrassing that he put bras and undies in the bag but I'm grateful to have some clothes.

I decided to make dinner which was chicken, rice, and veggies. We sat at the table and laughed at our childhood memories that we had even though me talking about them hurts a little.

Now we were washing dishes even though I told him that I am perfectly capable of washing dishes but he insisted.

I scrub one of the plates when the soap from it hit Colin's face.

"I'm so sorry, here I'll get it off."

I grabbed a clean rag and wet it a little before wiping the soap off his face.

I stop and look into his eyes and he leans closer to me.

He completely turns so I'm looking directly at him and traps me with his arms on either side of me.

I'm breathing deeply, I can feel it and my stomach has butterflies.

Fuck that, it was the whole jungle and zoo.

He looks at me like no one has and I can't even explain it.

"Hope...if you don't stop me in ten seconds, I'm going to kiss you."

My eyes widen as I look at him and I can feel the blush appearing on my cheeks.


I really want to kiss him but I don't know if I should.


He's perfect and a dream come true that I didn't realize till now.


He's always there for me even though I've spent all these years trying to ignore him.

Seven... Six... Five... Four...

I think I'm starting to fall for him and I don't think I can get back up. It's worse than Alice in the Wonderland because at least she made it to the end but I don't think I will.

I'll just keep falling, waiting for a white rabbit and a stopwatch.

Three... Two...


Before I can respond, he lips capture mine and his fingers dip into my waist.

I fist my hands in his soft hair and it feels like a million fireworks have gone off at the same time.

My lips move against his in a fast dance. His tongue glide across my bottom lip and I part my lips, wanting more of him.

His kisses possessing every single inch of me and makes a moan come out from my mouth. His breathing goes faster and his big warm hands grip my thighs and he lifts me onto the kitchen counter.

I can't think properly and all that can feel my head is him. My heart feels like it is trying to burst right out of me and onto the floor.

My breathing goes into small pants as I try to remember how to breathe while his fingers slid up and down my thighs. His lips drag hot wet kisses along my neck.

My legs go to wrap around his waist, trying to get him closer if that is even possible. He groans against my neck and sucks the skin there. The things he's doing to me is driving me crazy.

"Colin..." I muttered, attempting to stop before we get carried away.


He goes back up went his kisses and crashes his lips with mine again and I end up pulling his T-shirt, leaving no space between us.

He pulls on my bottom lip with his teeth and another moan comes out.

"Please stop..."

He chuckles and looks at me, "That doesn't sound very convincing", he says huskily.

I push him back gently but he doesn't go anywhere. He rests his forehead against my own and I take that moment to regain my breathing.

"Goodnight Hope."

He pecks my lips and walks away and up the stairs and then shuts the door.


I whisper, knowing that he can't hear me. I turn around and look at the rest of the dishes that are in the sink and my hand goes up to rub gently across my lips.

I can still feel the kiss every moment, every single movement. The scene replays in my head over and over again.

What did that kiss even mean?

Obviously I definitely liked him but does he truly feels the same way about me. What would people think if we started going out?

The popular boy and the little-bullied nerd.

All these years he has been defending me every time someone says something mean to or about me so I guess that shows that he cares for me.

He's the only one who helps me sleep well at night and not get those stupid nightmares. I wash the rest of the dishes and walk upstairs.

I walk pass his room but something in me tell me to go back, so I do. I slowly open the door and he's already laying peacefully on the bed.

I go to the other side and slide in and his arm comes and wraps around my waist and his nose is snuggle my neck.

I can definitely get used to this.

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