"You're staying with me, and maybe later we'll go catch every pokemon," He snuggles his head into the crook of my neck again, and starts sucking on the flesh of my shoulder, right beside my collarbone.

"You're so stubborn," I say, bringing my lower half closer to him and feel his hard on through his boxers, "And so horny." I end up moaning as he kisses the mark he left.

He hums before blowing on my collarbone, "Don't leave marks," I whine, "People will start asking questions." I groan playfully.

"The answer is that you're mine. This way they will know."

I roll my eyes playfully before changing positions with Luke. I end up straddling him in just my underwear as I start rocking my hips slowly, making him groan and place his hands on my hips only to make me go faster.

Between moans and groans coming from both, he starts, "Baby, if we keep doing this I won't last long."

I moan and get off him, only to pull his underwear down before he kicks them off his ankles. He reaches for a condom on the night stand and almost rips off my underwear after rolling it on his hard dick. His hands find my hips again and helps me find the position again before I sink down to him, making both moan.

"Fuck, I love this. Seeing you riding my— My God," A moan interrups him as I trails my hands down his chest, admiring every small detail from his perfect body. Damn, this feels amazing, but really what turns me on even more is knowing I'm the one making him feel this way. No one else.

"S-So close," Sweat forms by his forehead as I keep riding him and moaning while trailing my nails down his bare chest again, only to hear him groan once more.

"Luke, I'm—"

"Me too, baby girl," He breaths and moves one of his hands down to my clit, only to rub his fingers fast and soon make the knot in my stomach explode.

God, this is hot. He is hot.

He pulls out after reaching his high and filling the condom. He throws it across the room, not caring where it's landing.

"You are amazing." He breaths. We both lay next to each other, just catching a breath and enjoying each other's presence.

"You too," I smile, turning to face him and find his staring at the detailed cealing with a smile on his face.

"I don't want you to leave." He says and I sigh.

"I have to. I don't want to either. Having to go to class sucks ass."

"You should drop out and tour with me."

"That'd be amazing, but I can't. Thanks for the offer, though. When do you tour?" I ask, drawing small patterns with my fingers on his sweaty chest.

"Didn't you wanna go catch that pokemon?"

"Yes," I state, forgetting about my question, "I'll shower and get ready, will you join me on my Pokemon hunting?"

"I'll join you in that shower too," He smirks and I chuckle, starting to get out of bed.

I take his hand, "Come on, rockstar."


"Why does this pokemon have to be where all the people are?" I groan shaking my head about to turn around and walk my way back to the hotel.

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