Ch. 16 The Meeting

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I know just by looking at the man in front of me, that he's my father. My hair, my eyes, my skin tone, my square chin, my lips. It's me if I were a man. I chuckle as he comes closer; I'm stunned seeing my features on such a rough looking man. How can I look so dainty while he looks so manly? It's amusing. I see him crack a smile.

"You're definitely my daughter." He says in awe.

I nod and he holds his arms open. I spring forward, wrapping my arms around his waist hugging him tightly as my tears fall. I hear sobbing and another set of arms wrap around me. I turn to see a woman with light brown curly hair and green eyes.

"I missed you so much, baby girl. I've never stopped loving and missing you."

"Mom?" I ask.

She closes her eyes and nods her head. I move my arms to hug her as well and she crushes me to her. I notice we are the same height but that's our only physical similarity.

"I'm never letting you go." She says batting at a pair of hands I think are my father's. I laugh and she cries harder.

"Jen, the others would like to say hello."

She doesn't pull away and I can't help but laugh. My mom is very funny.


"Shut up, Travis! Give me a minute!" She snaps.

I turn to see him trying to smother a smile. When she finally pulls back, she brings her hand up to my face looking over my features. "You're so beautiful. Even when you were first born, you were stunning."

I blush. "Thanks."

"Has Lennox been taking good care of you? Just tell me if he steps out of line and I'll have your father fix him." She smiles sending a wink over my shoulder to Lennox.

I laugh in response and I hear a girl's voice yell. "Okay, introductions please! I have things to do today." Mom rolls her eyes and turns to the girl.

"Jocelyn, this is Rachel, your half-sister." She doesn't move so I smile and wave at her. She has short dark blonde hair in a bob style and brown eyes, she's tall and beautiful.

"Hey, sis." Two very tall, lanky boys say rushing forward hugging me.

I smile. "You two must be Josh and Jason."

The one with a mole by his left eye smiles. "Guilty, I'm Jason." I nod. "That's Josh." He points. Both have short curly brown hair and green eyes like our mom.

"It's nice to meet you two." I reply.

Next in line is the guy almost as big as my father, this must be my half-brother. He holds out his hand. "Travis junior, but you can call me T." He says. I smile and shake his hand. He resembles our father but the coloring is off. He has auburn hair and light grey eyes.

"Jocelyn." I reply.

"I'm Jessica." I feel arms wrap around me from the side and the girl starts jumping excitedly with me in her arms.

"Hi, Jessica." I giggle.

"We're the same size! We can share clothes and everything!" I nod hugging her back happily. We pull away and I see she looks exactly like our mother. "You look so much like dad!" She yells looking back at our father.

I nod, agreeing with her and I feel Lennox's hands come around my waist and pull me to his chest.

"Ugh, can we go now?" Rachel whines and dad snaps at her.

"Enough, Rachel!"

"Oh, it's okay. I'm ready." I say.

Everyone starts making their way to the cars and the twins grab our bags. Lennox tugs me back and turns me around to face him. He looks me over making sure I'm okay.

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