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Pen Your Pride

Ch. 16 The Meeting

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    I know just by looking at the man in front of me, that he's my father. My hair, my eyes, my skin tone, my square chin, my lips. It's me if I were a man. I chuckle as he comes closer; I'm stunned seeing my features on such a rough looking man. How can I look so dainty while he looks so manly? It's amusing. I see him crack a smile.
"You're definitely my daughter." He states, in awe.
I nod and he holds his arms open. I spring forward, wrapping my arms around his waist hugging him tightly as my tears fall. I hear sobbing and another set of arms wrap around me. I turn to see a woman with light brown curly hair and green eyes.
"I missed you so much, baby girl. I've never stopped loving and missing you."
"Mom?" I ask.
She closes her eyes and nods her head. I move my arms to hug her as well and she crushes me to her. I notice we're the same height but that's our only physical similarity.
"I'm never letting you go." She tells me, batting at a pair of hands I think are my father's. I laugh and she cries harder.
"Jen, the others would like to greet her."
She doesn't pull away and I can't help but laugh. My mom is very funny.
"Shut up, Travis! Give me a minute!" She snaps.
I turn to see him trying to smother a smile. When she finally pulls back, she brings her hand up to my face looking over my features. "You're so beautiful. Even when you were first born, you were stunning."
I blush. "Thanks."
"Has Lennox been taking good care of you? Just tell me if he steps out of line and I'll have your father fix him." She smiles, sending a wink over my shoulder to Lennox.
I laugh in response and I hear a girl's voice yell. "Okay, introductions please! I have things to do today."
Mom rolls her eyes and turns to the girl. "Jocelyn, this is Rachel, your half-sister." She doesn't move so I smile and wave at her. She has short dark blonde hair in a bob style and brown eyes, she's tall and beautiful.
"Hey, sis." Two very tall, lanky boys say, rushing forward hugging me.
I smile. "You two must be Josh and Jason."
The one with a mole by his left eye smiles. "Guilty, I'm Jason." I nod. "That's Josh." He points. Both have short curly brown hair and green eyes like our mom.
"It's nice to meet you two." I reply.
Next in line is a man almost as big as my father, it must be my half-brother. He holds out his hand. "Travis junior, but you can call me T." He says. I smile and shake his hand. He resembles our father but the coloring is off. He has auburn hair and light grey eyes.
"Jocelyn." I reply.
"I'm Jessica." I feel arms wrap around me from the side and she starts jumping excitedly with me in her arms.
"Hi, Jessica." I giggle.
"We're the same size! We can share clothes and everything!" I nod, hugging her back happily. We pull away and I see she looks exactly like our mother. "You look so much like dad!" She yells, looking back at our father.
I nod, agreeing with her and I feel Lennox's hands come around my waist and pull me to his chest.
"Ugh, can we go now?" Rachel whines and dad snaps at her.
"Enough, Rachel!"
"Oh, it's okay. I'm ready." I say.
Everyone starts making their way to the cars, the twins grab our bags, helpfully. Lennox turns me around to face him. He looks me over making sure I'm okay.
"I'm fine." I reassure him.
"Let me know if it becomes too much."
"I will." I reply and we continue to the vehicles. My mom and dad are the only ones that waited for us. We get in the backseat and close the doors.
My mom turns in her seat. "I can't believe you're actually home." She gushes happily. "I never thought this would happen." She whispers and starts crying loudly.
I don't know what to say that will make her feel better. I look up at Lennox helpless.
"There's nothing you can do. She'll stop eventually." He replies, smirking down at me.
I'm really starting to love those smirks. I turn back to my mom who is now hiccupping and trying to control them.
"Jen, stop. You're going to make yourself sick." Dad states smiling at her.
She turns back to me. "Tell me everything about you."
"Umm, well, I like to eat, my favorite color is red. I don't know. I'm pretty quiet and boring." I shrug.
"The people that raised you, were they kind to you?"
"Yes, they were typical parents. I'll still consider Marta my sister. She's my best friend."
"Thank God for that. What hobbies do you have?"
"I love art and building things. My-" I hesitate before I continue. "The man I considered my grandfather taught me carpentry. I would stay with him almost every weekend working on projects."
"That's why you chose those electives." Lennox states, understanding dawning on him.
"Yeah, I didn't get them though."
"I didn't want you in those classes." He admits.
Confused I ask, "Why not?"
"I didn't want you to hurt yourself in woodshop and I don't like the man teaching art."
"Alphas!" Mom snorts. "Don't worry, it will get better with time." She tells me reassuringly. "I remember when I was pregnant with you Travis wouldn't even let me walk up or down the stairs."
"You're clumsy. It was a precaution." Dad responds, defensively.
"So, that's where I get it then?" I ask, laughing.
"Don't worry, you and I aren't alone. Jess can barely walk a straight line without tripping." Mom jokes.
I watch as we drive through a wide open wrought iron gate. It's a lot like our pack. Nice middle class houses and a park for kids, a few little stores and a couple of restaurants. I don't know why I keep expecting this to look familiar, I was only a day old when I was taken.
"When's my birthday?" I ask, quietly.
"September twentieth." Mom answers.
We pull into a long driveway surrounded by trees. I see a big brick house come into view.
"Welcome home, Jocelyn." Dad smiles at me in the rear-view mirror.
"Thanks. It's good to be back." He stops the car and we all get out.
The twins come out scratching their heads. "Where do we put the bags? In her old room?" Josh asks and Jason adds, "She could probably still fit in her crib." He teases, smiling at me.
"Put them in the first guest room on the second floor." Mom replies, laughing.
They kept my old room? I'm touched that they would keep it.
"We'll redo your old room however you want it." Mom responds, reassuringly.
I smile. This is really like a homecoming; they want me as a part of their family. Walking inside, I take a deep breath wanting to remember what home smells like. I smell chocolate chip cookies.
"Brenda's baking again." Dad comments, smiling. Looking at me he explains, "Brenda is T's mate. She's pregnant and is always craving sweets."
"Our house always smells like a bakery." Mom chuckles. "Come meet her."
"Lennox, why don't you come with me? Alpha Briggs will be here shortly." Dad states.
Lennox kisses my head. "Come find me if you need me." I nod and follow my mom.

Alpha Lennox Hall
I watch her until she disappears into the kitchen.
"You're lucky you mated her before I had a say in any of this. I want her to stay here for the next eighteen years. I feel cheated." He jokes.
"That's not happening." I tell him, walking behind him into his office.
"How long do I get to keep her?" He inquires.
"Depends. What's the plan regarding Rhys?"
"Contact Alpha Brett Rhys, tell him if he doesn't hand over his father, he'll have us on his doorstep."
"Brett challenged me for Jocelyn, he wants her back. He even killed his Beta for letting the family leave his territory."
"He's no challenge for you. It doesn't change the fact I'll openly declare war on his pack, completely decimating it if he doesn't comply." He replies, seriously, rubbing his knuckles ready for a fight.
"Jocelyn believes he'll give him up. That the two aren't close."
"She's probably right. He won't want to lose his position over his father."
There's a knock and the door opens to reveal Alpha Andrew Briggs. He's a year older than me and a few inches shorter, yet he's a force to be reckoned with. He's brutal in a fight and someone you always want on your side. I know Travis had hopes for him and Rachel, but I've heard him refuse the possibility of a courtship outright. Rachel is a high-maintenance bitch, that no one wants a part of.
"So, you've found the long lost Griffin daughter?" Andrew asks, coming in.
"Yeah, now we're planning a fight." I reply.
He nods. "I'm in."
Travis laughs. "I didn't doubt it." He states and Travis fills him in on the details.
Just as he finishes, the door opens and shuts quickly, then locks. I look at a very flustered looking Jocelyn with pigtails, a black headband, wearing a blue and white school girl uniform, complete with white stockings that stop right where the skirt ends and black 'fuck me heels.' My mouth is watering.
"I'm not going back out there. I love my little sister, but I'm not trying on another "idea" for a Halloween costume." She explains her eyes wide and traumatized.
Travis throws back his head laughing. "What the hell are you supposed to be?" He asks, clearly entertained.
"A girl from a movie, Sucker Punch, I think she said." She walks closer but jumps when there's a knock on the door and runs to me, diving into my arms, hiding in front of my body. I instinctively wrap my arms around her.
"Dad, is Jocelyn in there?" Jessica asks through the door.
"No, honey. We're in a meeting." Travis yells back.
"It's okay, babe. I won't let the mean little girl get you." I whisper, in her ear.
"You can't say no to her. If you do, she looks at you like you just kicked her puppy." She grumbles, climbing off my lap to sit next to me.
"Jessica is notorious for that. Don't let it fool you, she's a master at manipulation." Travis chuckles.
She groans. "Are you kidding me?! I went through seven wardrobe changes and five hair styles and you're telling me she was playing me the whole time?"
"That's exactly what I'm telling you." He chuckles.
"Wow, you should use her to torture criminals." She mutters.
"Honey! Lunch is ready!" Jenna yells.

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