Quick A/N!!

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Before you read I have something important to say! Just in case if you didn't read the description for this book I will NOT accept ship requests! I will accept ideas that you have for the ships I list and give you credit if I use your idea! But no other ships then the ones I name! So here the ships that will only be used! Also b/b means boy X boy and g/b means girl X boy

Garrence (b/b)

Aarmau (g/b)

Zanvis (b/b)

And Vyloud (b/b) (Vylad X Cloud.....don't judge me)

Those are the main ships and each one has their own traits that me and my friend worked very hard to make, so please no hate to what I ship! Anyway now that you know what I'm talking about let's move on to the book! I hope you enjoy!

See you in the next chapter!


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