Mouth, Insert Foot Here

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The ride to Trevor’s was quiet and filled with questions. I felt him glance my way more than once but I refused to look at him. I was still angry, for the rejection, the lie he told, the dinner, the brunette.

Finally arriving at the house I took a minute to admire the garden in the moonlight. It was so dreamy, I could see myself here. Shaking myself from that scary thought I followed him inside.

We could hear laughter coming from the entertainment room so we headed in that direction. They were all in there, lounging on the couches with little Cody on the floor playing with some trucks. The first thought that came to my mind was, “Do these boys even own shirts?” because this is the second time that I’ve been in their presence while they were half dressed. The second thought I had was, “If they do I’m throwing them out because I can look at these hot bodies all day long!”

Something of my thoughts must’ve registered with Trevor because he became rigid and growled. Shooting him a glare I said, “Oh cut it, I’m just looking, it’s not as if I was doing something like, I don’t know, dragging them into the woods to have my wicked way with them.” I stated with a glare. He flinched and was about to say something when we were finally noticed by a blonde haired, gray eyed ball of energy.

“Harmony, you came back!” he shouted while running to hug my legs.

I bent down to scoop him up as if it was the most natural thing in the world and said, “I sure did buddy, I guess I just couldn’t stay away from such a handsome guy as yourself.” 

He smiled and said, “I have that affect on the ladies!” causing me to burst out laughing.

“You’ve been spending way too much time with a bunch of playboys!” I said shooting the boys a reprimanding look causing a few sheepish grins and one unrepentant one from Jeremy. Ahhh… so he must’ve taught this particular line to Cody.

“Are you not lergic to uncle Trevor anymore?” he asked in all seriousness.

“Lergic?” I asked.

“He means allergic,” Trevor said taking Cody from my arms, “and I told you there was nothing wrong with me you little butthead!” 

The room was filled with Cody’s giggles as Trevor blew raspberries on his stomach. The sight of my mate playing so carefree with the little boy that has already stolen my heart warmed me throughout. Sensing myself weaken I needed something to strengthen my dissolve. Picturing the girl I saw Trevor with on the first day of school, then the brunette today, and recalling the tales told to me by Jared and the  guys of Trevor’s conquests my wall was firmly put in place. 

“No, there’s nothing wrong with your uncle, but he should be making a trip to the clinic soon to get tested for some STD’s.” I blurted out.

Trevor’s playing ceased and a grimace made it’s way across his features. The guys burst out laughing and Austin told the others, “You see why I like this girl?” earning him several nods of agreement and a scowl from Trevor. It was quite a funny moment at Trevor’s expense until a little pitcher with big ears said, “What’s a STD?”

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