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Side B

I knock on Mari's door, standing face to face with Mari. "These are for you," giving her a bouquet of flowers. She's wearing a fitted dress with low heels.

She smiles down at the flowers. "Come in while I out these in water." She leans over, kissing my cheek, scurrying off to get a vase.

I noticed that she her hair in a ball and wearing a two toned dress where it was black see through with the bottom was tan brown with black polka dots. The sleeves stopped midway on her slender arms. I watch her cut the ends of the flowers, filling the vase as she turns back to me. "You look beautiful," I tell her as she looks at me, her cheeks full and lightly tinted. 

"Well, thanks," she answers placing the vase in the middle of the kitchen table

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"Well, thanks," she answers placing the vase in the middle of the kitchen table. "Thank you, Ev," lightly kissing me. I hold her for a few moments until she says, "Oh, I almost forgot..." trailing off.

"Forgot what?" I ask as she opens the refrigerator.

"Your parent's wine I bought for them," she tells me extracting a bottle of wine from the refrigerator with a red bow wrapped around it.

"You didn't have to buy my parents anything?" I tell her shaking my head.

"Ev, I'm meeting your parents and I figured wine is a great gift," as she waves me off.

She looks as her watch, shouting a good bye to Sammi and the rest of her roommates, picking up her small bag, putting it on  her shoulder.  "This is a big moment and I want to leave a good impression on your parents."

"Well...okay, Mari," I finally tell her as she takes hold of my hand as I watch her back as she locks the door. Slipping her free hand in mine, she holds the wine in the other as I open the car door for her. 

Two weeks ago I was finally able to buy a car- black Ford with a spoiler. It felt good to buy something for myself and with my own money. It also felt good to have a car to drive my girlfriend around in too. I slide my hand across the  hood as I slide in the driver's seat. "You okay?" I ask softly as I notice her fingers softly pulling at the  red bow on the wine.

"Maybe," she murmers, breathing out, sliding her hand in mine finally saying, "I think..." I wait for a moment knowing she needs time to release her thoughts. I just waited until she wanted to tell me what she was feeling.

"I know how much you love your mom so I want to know and hopefully she wants to get to know me," she looks at me, tracing the outline of my face. "I want to get to know the other woman who has your heart and want to know how I can do that for a long time."


I knew I cared about her that much, but I didn't know she did as well. Even though she didn't say it, I felt like she loves me. Maybe it was just me.

"Mari,  you probably don't know how much I care about out. The things I'd do for you are endless ans if my mother doesn't like the girl I care so deeply about, then that's her loss." I kiss the back of her hand moving to a sweet kiss on her forehead.

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