Chapter 1

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None of this would have happened if Alya had agreed to be Marinette's partner. But what changed their minds was when the teacher had mentioned the fake child rearing exercise, and then suddenly all the couples in the room had paired up immediately. And so Alya and Nino betrayed their besties without a second thought, and paired up.

Marinette pouted, but Alya didn't seem the least bit ashamed. Instead, she simply nodded towards the similarly dejected looking Adrien. And mouthed 'Ask him'.

"I can't just ask Adrien-" Marinette whispered a bit too loud, and was suddenly cut off by the boy himself.

"Hey, Marinette?" He turned around in his seat, and looked up at her nervously.

She squealed, falling off her chair in a rather impressive screw up. "A-Adrien. What's up?"

Next to her, Alya was silently shaking her head. Alya could judge all she wanted; because she didn't have to deal with her crush being a kindhearted, model classmate. After all she had been friends with Nino before they started dating.

"I thought we could be partners? If you wanted to, I mean." Her eyes widened, he was the picture of self-doubt. How he could honestly believe she'd say anything but yes. That was beyond Marinette's comprehension.

In fact, Marinette thought she might spontaneously burst out into happiness at being asked by her one and only crush Adrien Agreste. Of course, Chloé didn't want to let that happen.

"Adrikins!" Chloé's sickly sweet voice shattered any of Marinette's sweet thoughts, forcing her to face the reality. And the reality was, if she didn't form a proper answer very quickly, Chloé would steal her chance.

Marinette fumbled to find the words to accept his offer before Chloé got the chance to ask him, but her tongue seemed to be failing her. Shooting a frantic look towards her friend, Marinette was relieved to find Alya understood.

"Marinette would love to be your partner." Alya answered for her.

Adrien smiled, clearly relieved, and stood to switch spots with Alya.

Oh god. Oh god this was happening.

Marinette only half listened as the teacher continued her explanation and passed out the robotic dolls, absent mindedly initialing the strip of tape on its back as she was instructed.

It wasn't until Adrien started trying to name the doll that she snapped out of it again.

"Maybe we should call him Chat Noir?" Adrien suggested.

"We are not calling him Chat Noir." Marinette crossed her arms, doing her best to look stern.

"Why not?" Adrien asked, quite dissapointed.

Because her partner would never let her live it down if he found out.

"That's not a proper name." Marinette replied.

Nino turned to face the new 'couple', grinning at them. "Name it Adrien Jr."

Adrien shook his head at his friend, smiling at his antics, "Marinette can name him. She is the mother after all."

Marinette blushed at that thought, her mind already drifting off again. The mother of Adrien's children...

"What are you going to name him?" Alya handed her own doll to Nino, clearly more interested in her friends' new 'kid' than her's.

"Hugo. We should name him Hugo."

A/N: This was not my idea in fact I got the idea off of this fan fiction website. The author is FullMetalPotterHead

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