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Eben walked into his father's office with an air of confidence, wringing his hands he plopped down in the large chair opposite the massive desk equipped with a slightly outdated computer and other normal office supplies. He never really inquired what his dad did, only that one day he himself would take it over and rule this town like a king.

Big shoes were left to fill and his father had never been easy on him, always reprimanding every little thing and reminding him of each little mistake. Pride in Eben's achievements was... Far and few between. Though the drive to be the king was too great in comparison to a lack of favor.

"Son," Neil was a big man, thick wrist encircled by a gold watch, dress shirt buttoned up, freshly ironed, tucked into his expensive slacks, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Hair combed back on his head, gelled to professional perfection. A beautiful blonde-headed wife to hang on his every beck-and-call. The envy of the town. "what do you need?"

"Nothing, sir. Just a question."

"Ask away." Being a good listener was one of the many skills of the man of business. The one thing Eben was very greatful for in terms of his father's personality. He sat, attentive, ready for whatever his one son had to say.

"The people on the otherside of the lake... What if we exposed them?"

"What are you saying?" Neil's thick eyebrows pulled inwards.

"I'm saying what if they were the one's in charge of these murders. I mean look how they cling to Scarlett Graham, Jack's kid. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Like all the other victims. A little odd, right?"

"Son, you can't frame someone for a crime you think they committed." He folded his big arms on the table, shoulders bunching up, he loomed over his teenage son.

"Oh I know, but look." Eben pulled out his phone, skimming through text messages until he reached a few photos from a few months back, the site of the first murder.

The first photo was of Jamie's shrine set up, surrounded by crime scene tape and heartbroken onlookers. Zoomed in to the back corner of the photo was a certain brunette with brown eyes, watching the people and the sadness unfold. Eben showed the screen to his father, letting him soak that up before sliding to the next.

In this one the boy's back is turned, stalking into the woods on the far side of the tape.

"That looks promising..." Neil mumbled, eyes narrowing at the photo. "Who took this?"

"Harvey Black, a friend from school."

"And who is the boy in the picture?"

"Carter West. One of Kale Beck's little accomplices."

"Ah... Are they together? Beck and... Graham's daughter?"

"I believe so. Isn't that illegal? I also believe that's how all of this works out. They probably lure them in and kill them. Sick really, especially since there is limitless posibilities to what they are capable of, but they have a preference at least. It's a little scheme they run, I bet. People think that little community they have is so dandy... But no! This will ruin Sapher, dad. Think about the business." The business he wasn't even sure about. Eben leaned forward, so excited by his own plan coming out. Neil's head bobbed up and down, eyes narrowing in agreement. "We could finally get them out of town."

"I see what you're saying. I'll look into this. Email me those pictures, I'm going to contact some people. You are dismissed." Neil waved his hand, turning to his computer as Eben got up, a smirk breaching his face.

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