two//get me my lawyer
[January 29, 2016
9:34 am]

"Lombardi! Get up here!"

Zheng glanced up from his seat in the back of the jail. His hands folded in his lap as he leaned against the jail wall. Dark brown eyes watched as his surrounding men parted for him.

Walking smoothly and taking extra time, Zheng approached the bars. "Morning Bishop." Zheng said as he stared down the officer with the permanent sneer.

"I'm going to open the door, if anyone beside this bitch moves dies." Bishop announced as he placed bus gun directly against Zheng's temple. Opening the jail bars, he harsh yanked Zheng out quickly before slamming the doors shut.

"Be good boys." Zheng called out as he was yanked down the hallway towards the interrogation room. Bishop pulled the door open before shoving Zheng through.

"Sit." He ordered.

Another officer entered waving Bishop off as he pointed Zheng to him the metal chair, handcuffing him down.

"Hello Mr. Lombardi-Fiu. My name is Cain Smith. I'm the lead detective on your case."

Zheng raised his eyebrow at the man before sighing as he relaxed into his chair. He knew this friendly routine all to well. The Detective took a sit across from Zheng placing a thick file on the table without even looking at it.

"What do you want?"

"Mr. Lombardi-Fiu, your very young, 24, correct?" Detective Smith asked.

"23." Mr. Lombardi-Fiu said.

"Ah, yes, right. 23. My, my, and to think you have to spend the rest of our life in jail until you receive the death penalty. Mhmm," Detective Smith said, walking around the interrogation table. "if only there was a way to stop that from happening." Detective Smith grinned, rested his hands on the table and nodded.

Zheng simply raised an eyebrow at the statement. He knew he was qualified for the death penalty but he knew for a fact he won't receive it. Instead, of voicing that Zheng pretend to look slightly shaken by the news.

"What-t?" He asked making his voice break for a moment.

"Oh, I know, and I think you do too, Mr. Lombardi-Fiu. All we need is a confession from you, about everything that you have done. If you cooperate with us, we'll help you but if you don't you're screwed. Help me to help you Zheng."

Zheng ducked his head to hide his smile before glancing back up. Looking around Zheng moved closer to Detective Smith, his eyes filled with curiously waiting to hear all the forbidden secrets.

"I want my lawyer, now."
[January 29, 2016
5:34 pm]

"What the hell do you mean I can't see my client? He has fucking rights!" Jeremy Lockwood snapped as he glared down at the Chief. He was already mad because how long the process took to post the bail for some of the men.

The Chief sighed as he motioned for Mr. Lockwood to follow him to his office. The two currently stood in the middle of the police station with every eye on them.

Jeremy ignored the look slamming his briefcase down making every stand by. His eyes darkening at the Chief who was trying to get his people back on focus.

"I want to see my client or the mayor will hear about this. I doubt she would pleaded to know my client is being treated like this.

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