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It's silent for
a long moment.
Natalia waits for Seth
to start speaking,
a brow raised in
an expression that clearly conveys
her impatience.
Seth, for his part,
looks like he doesn't
want to say anything,
his jaw working and his
brow creased.
Though he'd said that
he wanted to apologize,
that apology seems
not to be forthcoming.

I sort of wish that I
could just escape this situation,
considering Natalia's presence is
making me a little nervous
(and even more wary) -
but it's obvious that Seth
isn't going to do anything
without a little push.

Is this really how
all boys are?
I'm surprised anything
ever gets done
at this rate.

"What Seth means to say,"
I tell her at last,
ignoring the glare that
Seth shoots my way
after a second,
"is that he's sorry
for overreacting on Friday
and leaving without you.
And I am too -
we didn't mean to
hurt you or anything."

"Sure as hell
I'm sorry,"
Seth mutters under his breath -
and Natalia shoots him
a sharp glance
nearly immediately.

"I heard that,"
she snaps.
"Don't even bother talking
for the jerk, Matty -
he obviously doesn't agree
with anything you're saying."

"Well, at least
I'm not faking offense
to get my own way,"
Seth shoots back.
"Give it up, Natalia -
you could care less
about either of us.
You're only upset because
your stupid double date
got ruined.
Serves you right,

And so, I'm
suddenly caught in the middle
of an unprecedented crossfire.
I can only watch as
Natalia, completely flabbergasted,
puts on an expression of
mock horror
in response to his statement.
Or at least, I
assume it's a show.
I don't know
who to believe any more -
or Seth.

"That 'stupid double date,'"
she grumbles,
"was for Matty's benefit,
I'll have you know.
Yours, too.
So sue me if I
thought that maybe you two
would be a cute couple.
I was doing
the right thing-"

"Was it the right thing
to ditch us for
whoever that was
and leave us with your
pothead of a boyfriend?"
Seth asks.
"Because that's just fine,
isn't it?
You have absolutely
no problem with
justifying your own wrongs,
but no -
if we step out of line
and do something that
you don't want us to,
then we're the ones at fault,
no matter what you did."

Somehow, that
stops Natalia right in her tracks.
I don't know how Seth did it,
but that statement of his
hit the nail on the head.
I find myself
agreeing as well,
even in spite of the fact
that I'm not really
on anyone's side in this.
Natalia, however,
seems at a loss for words.

"I'm sorry,"
Seth says at last,
"that your date was ruined,
and sure, we might not
have reacted to what happened
in the right way, but..."
He pauses for a second,
searching for the right words.
"But you still
messed up,"
he says at last,

Natalia mutters
under her breath -
but she's stopped her protests.
I think she might
see the err in
her actions that night,
just as we've seen ours.
It wasn't really
the fault of anyone
in particular, but
our own biases blew
the whole situation
out of proportion.
she says at last,
"apology accepted.
I'm sorry, too.
I guess I
didn't think first."

Seth sighs, obviously
pleased that the whole
ordeal seems at an end.
"Now, are you
going to stop with your-"

"We should go
on another double date,"
Natalia butts in
with a sudden vigor that
startles me.
There's a gleam
in her eyes now,
and it does little more
than worry me.
"You know -
to make up for the last one.
I'm going to get
you two together, even
if it kills me."

Seth groans loudly.
"No, no,
I'm not going anywhere
with Tyler the pot-smoker
ever again."

"Oh, come on,"
Natalia whines.
"He's not all bad -
a little rough
around the edges, maybe,
but he's nice enough."

"Isn't there anything
you'd rather do instead?"
I finally speak up.
I'm not willing to let
this all dissolve into
the fighting that had
only just been resolved.
Any worse, and it
could become physical.
"Seth obviously
doesn't like Tyler, so..."

I have a good reason
for trailing off -
and that's because Natalia
has got that look
in her eyes again,
one that lets me know
that I'll probably regret
saying what I did.
she laughs.
"There is something..."

Seth frowns
when she doesn't say
anything for a moment.
"What is it?"

"You guys
are going to go
on a date, then,"
Natalia grins,
looking very Cheshire-like
in that moment.
"Just the two
of you.
And then you're going
to call me and
tell me all about it
right after, Matty."

"I'll do it,"
Seth declares,
slamming his hand down
on the lunch table
so hard that
a few students around us
lift their heads to stare.
"I'll do anything,
so long as I don't
have to deal with
your freak of a boyfriend."

"You're cruel,"
Natalia sniffs.
"I'm tempted to
make you come along on
a second double date, anyway."

"You're not making us
do anything,"
Seth protests -
but Natalia just laughs.

have fun on
your date, kiddos.
I expect a
full report after."

I think she's kidding,
but even that knowledge
still does nothing to
calm the sudden uneasiness
and nervousness
that's abruptly picked up
in the pit of my stomach.
A date?
With Seth?

I've never truly
hated Natalia,
but I couldn't despise her more
than I do at
this moment
for forcing us together
in this little game of hers.
Strangely enough,
I have no idea why.


Yay for angst! It's the only thing I can write decently, apparently. Oh well.

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