Screams filled the room, in the next cell they was torturing Mason.

I was turned around, not facing Mason's way as they hurt him in numerous different ways.

I tried to block out the noise, but I couldn't do it as a whip came in contact with his skin, leaving a thunderous slash noise as another one of his screams followed afterward..

I felt arms around me, shakily, I hugged my best friend back as we sat and waited, crying, for the horrible men to leave.

71 Hours Previous..

"Knock knock" I laughed as Mason told me yet another one of his jokes as he attempted to cheer me up, distract me from this place..

"Who's there?" I replied, weak smile on my face

"Impatient cow" He said

"Impatient co-"

"Mooooo!" He interrupted, smirk on his face.

I laughed, and he joined in.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked, fiddling with my hands.

"Go on" He nodded

"Why are you so nice to me? Ever since I got in here you have done nothing but be nice and you don't even know who I am?" I looked at his face, and he frowned.

"Well being tortured and alone for so long does that to a person, but I don't need to know you, to know that you are a good person, Kaylee. As well as the fact you do not deserve this just to lure your mate." I looked down, tear falling from my cheek

"Sorry" I said

"Come here" He pointed to the bars, separating us.

I moved closer to the bars, and he hugged me through them.

. . . . . . .

The main door opened and the same dark man came in from before with two men behind him.

"Get on with it lads" He said, malevolent smile currently on his face, then he walked towards the door, slamming it.

The two men turned on the lights, making us flinch from being in the darkness for so long.

"Kaylee" Mason whispered

"Yeah?" I whispered back, watching as the two men went into the heavily locked room in the corner.

"They are the torturers" My eyes widened in panic

They came out the room with weapons in hand, and chains.

I watched them walk to the door of my cell, I shuffled to the back wall of the cell, the men getting closer to me.

"Get the fuck away from her, you bastards!" Mason shouted to them, but they carried on. I shut my eyes as one of them grabbed me, tossing me to the side like a rag doll. The other man attached the chains to the ceiling, when he finished that he attached the other ends of the chains to my wrists, I screamed as the silver burned my skin. The attached chains to my ankles, I screamed again.

"Shut the fuck up useless bitch" One of them spat, hitting me in the face.

"Kaylee listen to my voice" Mason said, and I did as he asked.

I closed my eyes, shaking in terror as the other guy picked up the whip and walked behind me.

Dakota's POV

I felt continuous pains on my back, my hands balling up into fists as we was in the conference room with the pack allies, including Damien's pack

"Do you have an idea why she could have been taken?" Alpha Jack said

"We have been thinking as a trap to get to us, but even so we need to get her back, she is my sister and Alpha Dakota's mate." Damien said, looking over to me.

I nodded at him, standing up out my seat "And right now whilst we have this conversation, my mate is being tortured. We need to hurry this damn thing up and find her, I need her back. Anybody who is willing to help out and hold on to the ally status, stay and help prepare for the attack whilst our trackers pin point a location, if not, leave now and no longer be an ally, to mine or Damien's pack." I said, confidently.

All the alphas on the table looked to one another, then back at me. They all stood and nodded their head with respect.

"My pack will help with the attack" Alpha Jack said

"I'll get my best fighters on your side" Alpha Matt continued.

Only one of the alpha's left, uninterested in walking into a possible trap for my mate and losing us as their allies in the future.

I left the room, leaving Damien to speak to the Alphas as I walked to the pack doctor.

"Doctor John?" I called out

He came out from the back room "Alpha, you okay?" He asked, as I don't come here so often.

"I was wondering if you knew of anything to help with pain? Im feeling my mates pain and it is distracting me from helping her.. I need to find her.. But I just can't concentrate with these.." He nodded

"Where is the pain?" He asked

"On my back at the moment" I replied

"Do you mind if I have a look at your back?"

"Sure" I said, confusingly..

"Dear goddess" He shouted after looking, his face pale

"What! What is it?!" I shouted

He pushed me over to the mirror, and then disappeared for a second, He then came out with a smaller mirror. He told me to pull off my top so I did that and He held the small mirror in front of my face hesitantly.

There was red lines going all over my back, looking exactly like whip lines.

When I find the man doing this to her, he will suffer much worse before I kill him myself. I put my shirt back on, grabbing the pills John held out for the pain and walked out angrily, I walked towards the conference room where I left Damien and the Alpha's

"Welcome back Alpha Dak-"

"Look at this, this is why we need to find her as soon as possible" I turned around, showing them all the marks on my back. The alphas gasped, shocked at the marks, knowing that even though the marks on my back are nothing, they will be much much worse on Kaylee.

Damien grew angry, swinging for the wall.

A couple of Damien's trackers walked in the room, we all looked at them.

"We found a location" One of them spoke up.

"Round up all fighters, instant" Damien told the Alphas, as they nodded and walked out the room

"We are getting her back" Damien reassured me, before leaving the room.

"We sure will" Xavier said determined.


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