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"Nothing happened last night, well at least nothing important. Just broken subway, you know the usual," she said nonchalantly to her roommate, placing her bowl in the sink.

"Okay, whatever. Just remember that I need you to double date with Calum and me, my co worker bailed, so you're the fill in."

Calum was Becca's "best friend", who was obviously very infatuated with her. They had been friends for ages, always hanging out and flirting - neither one admitting that they liked each other. Until Becca finally grew a pair and asked Calum out. They decided to make it a double date to make it less awkward, but Ava doubted that the two would even spare a glance to her and whoever her date was, once the lovebirds were together.

"Fine, but only because I've been waiting a while for one of you to make a move. This guy I'm stuck with better be fun," she replied, "Can I wear pajamas to the restaurant?"


Ava drummed her nails on the counter, staring blankly at the cash register. Her day had been utterly boring, and she never thought she'd say it, but she was practically praying for the double date to come and for her shift to end. She didn't need to attend her bartending job tonight since she had worked late last night, which made her stress decrease by a little. It wasn't much, but it was getting somewhere.

Her job has been dead at the comic book store, only a few geeks passing by but none of them buying anything. Her co-worker Michael was nearly drooling on the floor next to her feet, catching up on sleep while the boss smoked pot in the back room. She should've been grateful for her laid back circumstances and O.K paycheck, but she was beyond miserable.

She was about to follow Michael's lead and drop on the floor and take a nap when the entrance bell that hung above the glass door jingled, alerting her that a potential customer entered. She didn't get to see whoever walked in, but she hoped they would make it quick; just seventeen more minutes and helping at least one customer would mean her day of mediocrity was over and she could go home and get ready.

She glanced around and only saw the customer's hands rifling through the comic book options every now and then. She sighed, taking out her phone and beginning to scroll. Just fifteen more minutes of this torture.

After growing bored once more, she stuffed her phone back into her pocket and caught a glimpse of a familiar messy blonde head of hair. Her heart thumped in her chest. Could it be Luke? She didn't want to get her hopes up, but she couldn't deny that she wanted it to be him. She stared at him with zero shame, waiting for him to turn around. She almost jumped when he finally turned in her general direction, and saw his face.

It's him. Holy shit, it's him.

On instinct, her hands flew up to fix her messy and greasy hair that she never brushed since, in her mind, if it was short, you didn't need to do much with it. Of course, her logic was off, but when was it not?

Ava was about to sigh for the umpteenth time, only to be interrupted by a comic book slapping onto the counter. She glanced up and saw a tired seeming Luke Hemmings, who didn't even spare one glance at her. She frowned, but quickly covered it by scanning the comic book.

"Are you stalking me?" Luke questioned gruffly, silently admiring her through the locks of hair that fell in his eyes. He grinned when she rolled her eyes, blushing.

"You're the one who showed up at my job, buddy. Get your facts straight," she replied, cockiness in her tone. Luke liked it, confidence suited her. "Your comic will be $5.00, you nerd."

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