Ch. 13 Don't worry

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Atsuko held her bag close to her standing in front of a beautiful Japanese style manor. She breathed in and out walking towards the door and pressing a button. Earlier, she asked Shigure where the main house of the Sohma was located which surprised the man but eventually gave the girl the address to the main house. 

" I hope he's here...." She whispered. 

She waited and smiled seeing the door opened revealing Hatori who dressed casually. He moved to the side letting the young girl stepped inside. Atsuko looked around amazed by the beauty of the Sohma house. 

" Thank you for taking your time off of your schedule to be here Atsuko....." 

Atsuko looked away from the gardens and smiled. 

" Of course! Thank you for inviting me" She nodded. 

No one from her home knew she was here except for Shigure. She didn't want the others or Yuki to be worried. She followed Hatori into the house looking around and noticed the decorations were simple, traditional, and beautiful.

' It's like....I stepped through time' She thought. 

Hatori guided Atsuko to his room asking the young girl if she wanted tea. 

Atsuko nodded.

" Yes please. Oh! Is there by any chance passion fruit tea?" She asked. 

Hatori blinked staring at her. 

" Yes....we have that" He nodded. 

Hatori couldn't help but picture someone he knew asking that same question when he brought them home the first time. 

" Be right back and please.....don't wander off on your own" He warned her. 

Atsuko hum to herself watching Hatori stepping out of his room. She couldn't help but stand still wanting to explore. She slowly got up and started to walk around the room when she stopped witnessing a picture frame that was down. 

' I wonder if it fell by the wind or something' She thought. 

She slowly reached her hand out to the picture frame picking it up. She looked down seeing a beautiful woman with short brown hair and kind loving brown eyes standing next to a rose bush wearing a light blue dress. 

" She's beautiful

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" She's beautiful...." Atsuko whispered. 

She couldn't help but feel like she knew the woman from somewhere. She heard footsteps near by figuring out that Hatori must be on his way back to the room. She started to panic gently placing the picture frame back on the night stand where she founded. She sat back down on the cushion watching the door slide opened seeing Hatori holding a tray with tea and goodies. 

" Do you need help?" She asked. 

Hatori shook his head placing the tray on the coffee table. He was about to say something when he noticed the picture frame was up closing his mouth having a neutral expression on his face. 

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