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Both Liam and Zayn had a hard night with Niall. He threw up on the bed twice then again on the floor so they had to clean that up then he cried for four hours straight and they couldn't get him to calm down long enough to tell them what was wrong. Eventually around 6am Gemma woke up and took Niall so Zayn and Liam could get some sleep. Niall just continued to cry despite anything Gemma did so she ended up just laying with him on the couch and hoping he was at least comfortable. Ashton woke up around 7 and thankfully Niall had fallen back asleep so Gemma was able to make a quick breakfast for Ashton. Harry and Louis were meant to be home around 9 so Gemma was also rushing around trying to clean up a bit and make sure things were comfy for Harry because he'd be in quite a bit of pain still.

"We're home!" Louis shouted as he helped Harry into the house. Ashton immediately ran over to them and hugged Louis while waving at Harry who smiled and waved back. Gemma had warned him not to be rough with Harry because it would hurt him. Louis then walked over to the couch where Niall was laying down facing away from everyone and tapped him on the shoulder. Niall turned around and as soon as he saw his Papa he started crying and reaching for him. Louis picked him up, immediately feeling the heat radiating from his small body.

"Baby you're burning up."

"Tummy Papa."

"Your tummy hurts babe?" Niall sniffled and nodded as he buried his face into Louis' neck while Louis turned to face Gemma. "When was the last time he threw up?"

"Around 5am. He thought he was going to about an hour ago so I took him to the toilet but he was just dry heaving."

"My poor baby." Harry cooed before looking down at Ashton. "Do you feel sick at all love?"

"No daddy Ni Ni sick not me."

"Alright well let's make sure you stay healthy." Just then Niall gagged and the next thing they knew they heard vomit hitting the carpet. Louis decided it was best to just let him finish there because it'd create a bigger mess if he tried carrying him to the toilet. He placed him on the floor and took off his own shirt which Niall had already thrown up on and placed it on the carpet before helping Niall lean over it. He rubbed his back as he sobbed and gagged before throwing up again.

"Alright it's okay love. Are you done?" Niall nodded as he continued sobbing. "Gem can you just help Harry up to bed, he needs to be laying down and then maybe just take Ash to the playroom. I'll clean up here and then give Niall a bath." Gemma nodded and carefully led Harry upstairs while Ashton followed. Louis placed Niall on the couch and then went and grabbed a bin and placed it in front of him just in case. He then carefully grabbed the dirty shirt and held it so nothing would drip out before taking it outside to the big rubbish bin and disposing of it. He cleaned the vomit off the floors as best as he could before putting powder there to eliminate the smell. He noticed Niall had fallen asleep so he took the time to go look for some medicine and then get the bath ready. He then carefully picked up Niall and undressed him before taking off his own joggers and getting in the bath with Niall. He let Niall continue to sleep and lay against his chest as he gently washed his hair. He washed his body as well before standing up with him in his arms and getting out of the bath. Niall managed to sleep through it all so Louis just dried him off and placed him in bed in just a nappy because he wanted his fever to go down. Eventually he left the room and decided to just give him his medicine when he woke up. He went into his and Harry's room where Harry was laying down watching the telly. He took off his wet boxers finally before walking over to the drawers to get another pair causing Harry to groan.

"Why do you tease me when you know we can't do anything?" He whined causing Louis to laugh.

"I'm not even teasing you, I'm just getting dressed. Calm down. We can have sex again in a week once you've healed."

"I can't wait that long. Can you at least help me rub one out?"

"How romantic." Louis laughed. "And no, that'll hurt your incision."

"Ugh. Well something else is hurting right now because of you."

"Think about dead cats or something because I'm not going to help you wank."

"Fine I'll do it myself." Harry said before putting his hand down his pants but quickly hissing in pain and pulling his hand back out.

"Told you." Louis teased causing Harry to just groan and whine.

"Can you at least lay down with me? I need a cuddle." He pouted.

"Aww of course babe." Louis said as he tugged on his new joggers, deciding to just stay shirtless. He climbed into bed next to Harry and carefully wrapped his arm around his stomach so he could spoon him. "Try and get some rest love." Harry just mumbled in response signalling that he was already falling asleep. Louis listened to the sound of the telly until he eventually drifted to sleep as well. When they woke up later they discovered that Niall was feeling much better and only had a slight fever left that could be taken care of with some fever reducers. They thanked Gemma, Liam, and Zayn and told them they could go home and that they had everything under control from here. The rest of the day was spent playing with the boys and just relaxing with all four of them enjoying every minute of it.

Okay so just filler chapter for now. I just wanted to update this one since I updated Here and Now twice yesterday and not this one.

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