I'm allergic to vampires! Literally... Chapter 4

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Enjoy! -videogamegirl Yay!!! It's longer!!!

Chapter 4 

"Hey I'm sorry for the interruption but I need to get you outta of here." He came into the light and I saw a smirk plastered all over his face. "I'm not going anywhere with you." I said in disgust. "Rayas said-" 

"Wrong. He lied to you."  

"Why would he do that?" 

"To mess with you, to gain your trust so he could learn all your secrets." 

"I don't believe you." 

"Did he bite you?" He asked. I avoided his gaze. 

"It was.....an accident." 

"Are you really sure about that?" I didn't answer. "You think it was just an accident that he happened to bite you. That's a laugh. He's here to kill you because he can get close to you unlike the rest of us." 

"If you're his brother how are you not a halfie?" I switched topics, trying to distract him.  

"I was born a halfie but my father turned me fully. I didn't want pity from all the others. Listen you need to come with me while there's still time." He said it sincerely.  

"How can I trust you?" 

"Because he's right behind you." I turned and there he was with a knife in his hand.  

"Rayas what are you doing?" 

"It's not what it looks like." He said coming closer to me. I took a couple steps backwards. 

"Jace what did you tell her?" He said through gritted teeth. 

"The truth." 

"Why am I doubtful of that?" 

"Because you became untrusting after mom died. If only she had been vampire."  

"Take that back you bastard." He said menacingly. 

"No." Rayas leapt towards him but Jace dodged out of the way so fast it was as if he hadn't been there in the first place. 

"Damn you." Rayas whispered. 

"I ready am and so are you brother." Rayas swung the knife unexpectedly and slit Jace's throat, black blood dripping slowly. Jace hissed and swiped at Rayas. He fell to the floor, blue blood dripping from the cut on his forehead. I had to intervene. I dashed over the Rayas He now layed in a puddle of his own blood. I pulled his head into my lap, brushing the hair away. 

"How could you do this to your own brother?" 

"It was to protect you. You don't understand. There's a prophecy. I never met to-" He was cut short by the blood now pouring from his chest, soaking his T-shirt. Rayas had plunged the knife into the square of his back. I had not even noticed Rayas had left me, he was that fast. Jace's face had a look of pure terror. He stumbled towards me. His hands rested on my shoulders. "The royal family plans to kill you *cough*," Blood came out of the corner of his lips. "I need to save you or it will be war between vampires and humans. That's why *cough* I need to get you out of here. There will be too *cough* much bloodshed." His blood splattered on to my face. He then whispered in my ear. My eyes widened and he fell to the floor, convincing me he was dead. 

"What a disgrace. For a vampire he lost all his humanity, not caring for no one, not even his family that's why he killed our mom." Rayas said standing over his brother. I nodded, focusing my thoughts on believing what Rayas said so he wouldn't here the last words of Jace. 'I love you. I will be back.'


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