Dinner With Two Mates, Oh Joy...

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I finally had her in my arms, well, for now at least because by the look in her eyes she was ready to dismember me.

It didn’t matter because after the day I had today, all I needed was her soft body close to mine. I remembered the events after she left class.

I was dying to leave that Math class when she did but there was no getting away from Mr. Donovan. Unfortunately I couldn’t use the same excuse that she did so I was forced to wait out the remainder of the lesson. As soon as the bell rang I was out of there anxious to get to her and when I checked in with Austin I found that she was with him for almost the whole period. Already ticked beyond belief, I headed to the bleachers to find she had left. Then I smelt her essence on Austin’s cheek causing me to almost lose it. She had kissed my Beta on the cheek and he had let her! What the hell? I was about to teach Austin a lesson when he pointed out that my mate was getting away. Turning, I saw that sure enough her cousin was already pulling out of the lot towards their house.

I jumped in my car to follow but I had too late a start and was stuck waiting at the boundary line of their territory. It didn’t matter, I was prepared to wait all week if I had to. Finally, I saw them head back towards town, three cars all together, and I followed a short distance behind to the American Fusion restaurant. Not wanting to be caught stalking her, I parked around back and snuck in. Luckily I knew the chef here who happened to be a member of my pack, so he snuck me in through the kitchen.

I had a perfect view of them from behind the kitchen doors and noticed their group consisted of Jared, Harmony, the aunt and uncle, and two others. Not sure who they were but not really caring either, I watched the one person I now knew I wanted to be my world. As she sat I saw her sniff the air and tensed. Could she smell me as strongly as I could smell her? She shook her head and studied the menu. I was safe from being discovered. I watched as she excused herself and headed to the restroom.

I quickly followed but she went in before I could stop her.  I hid in the darkest corner of the hallway in case her cousin came looking for her. As I was standing there, I saw the black haired guy that was with them casually lean against the wall, waiting for her to exit. My possessive instincts kicked in. Harmony emerged from the rest room and was surprised to see him waiting there. The conversation that followed had me clenching my fists so tight I was leaving fingernail marks on my palms. Suddenly, and without warning, he kissed her. Tiny hairs started to sprout all over my body. I saw the future I could have with her slipping away. There were flashes of our wedding, her bearing our first born with more to follow, us growing old together, the happiness and love I felt with her and I knew then and there no matter what heartache I could face if I lost her, I wanted to have that future. A future he was trying to take away. As soon as that thought crossed my mind I let out a growl. It broke them apart and seeing the anger on her face helped me gain control of my wolf. They continued to talk and Harmony was getting madder by the minute. Listening closely it all fell into place.

This was the idiot mate that gave up someone so amazing.

The same someone I almost lost and still might lose because of my foolish thinking. I was set to let Harmony handle things for herself, she was doing an excellent job so far, but when the douche bag made a proposition to my mate, I had had enough.

Stalking towards them, I put my arms around her waist enjoying the tingles flowing through my body and did a little happy dance inside when she leaned into me. I knew she was in a weakened state and I was taking advantage of it but this was probably the closest I’d be allowed to get to her so I relished the moment before shocking them both with my next words, “Well I guess it’s a good thing I’ll be marking her soon so you won’t have to fight it anymore.”

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