I'm fine

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I left the kitchen with Justin and me holding hands. Aaron looked at us and shot us a glare. I totally ignored him. I was with Justin now. He accepted me. Aaron didn't. Even though I told him that I loved him..... he gave Avalon a chance but not me. Justin on the other hand was really nice and sweet and caring.

We gave the drinks to them and Justin and I sat together.

" Let's watch Frozen! " Danny said jokingly. I think.

"Fuck no Danny. " Justin said.

"Fine. How about..... " he stopped to think.

"Aha! Let's watch Mission: Bacon! " Danny yelled.

Justin and I looked at him. I raised an eyebrow and corrected him.

" You mean Mission Impossible? " I corrected.

" Yeah that too. "

" I'll pass. I watched it a dozen times. "
I said.

" How about the Conjuring? " Aaron snickered.

"Yeah! " Danny agreed.

In the end we watched the Conjuring and Avalon kept screaming.

"Nooooo!" Avalon screamed again.

A jump-scare had appeared and she started clinging on tightly to Aaron. I rolled my eyes. I held Justin's arm tight and he glanced at me and smiled, I smiled back. We finished the movie and started talking. Well mostly Aaron, Avalon and Danny were talking.

Justin was getting bored so he asked me if I wanted to go outside. I nodded and followed him outside.

"We'll be walking outside. " Justin told them.

Aaron shot a glare at him and went back to talking to Avalon and Danny.

We strolled around a park nearby and talked about stuff.

"So how's your condition?" he asked suddenly.

I couldn't just tell him. But I didn't want to keep it a secret either. I trusted him.

" The truth is Justin...... I...." I paused.

"I'm fine. " I finished.

He looks confused for a moment and stares at me.

" What do you mean?" he asked curiously.

" I mean that.... Aaron saved me. " I blurted.

"You mean....? "

"Yes. He made me go through surgery with a nice doctor and he paid for it. "

"Really?" he asked surprised.

" I'm not lying ....."

"Shit man. I feel so bad. And grateful at the same time. "

"How? "

"I feel bad that I wasn't the one saving you and I wasn't even there to see you go through surgery and I didn't know it either..... I should have been there for you. "

"It's alright. Really. We were gonna tell sooner or later tomorrow. "

"What's happening tomorrow? "

"Didn't Aaron tell you about the barbecue? "

"Oh yeah. "

"By the way, what's the thing you're grateful for? "

" I'm grateful because you're fine now and you don't have any more problems or neither will you get sick more often. I'm grateful for that and I'm grateful that you're healthy as well. " he smiled.

I smiled back and leaned on his shoulders. We had a happy night!


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