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   My head felt like it weighed tons and having the most irritating headache wasn't helping. Trying to move my body was a hassle. My back ached and so did my muscles.

It felt like a dream. One minute my men and I where running the perimeter and next everything went into complete darkness. Like we couldn't understand anything beyond that point. What the hell! What could've possibly happened?

I openend my eyes and the first thing that caught my eye were chains. Metal Chains. As my vision adjusted I began to notice my surroundings.

It was pitched black and the only light came from the glistening moon In the corner. There were no windows just black concrete. I gazed down only to be met by my naked skin. My body layed on the cold floor. If it wasn't for my body heat I wouldn't have handle it.

Could've at least put clothes on my body.

The Chains restraining Me from moving anywhere. I soon found out my legs where chained also. There was nothing In the small spacing, nothing.

I squinted my eyes- locked on an object In the far right corner. It rosed up and down In a steady pace.

A person.

It's head layed back on what seems to appear as a chair. It's torso naked without a shirt. It has to be a guy due to its masculine features.

Now I don't wanna sound like I'm checking out the guy but I'll describe him anyway.

It appears He had dark hair cut close to his head. He was also built but not as close to my figure. His arms were crossed and was also In a peacful sleep. He didn't look like a demented person. His caramel skin color glowing In the moonlight. He was pretty handsome.

You sound like a hormonal girl ready for some action,' My wolf barked. Pretty rudely if I have a say In it.

Shut up,' I growled.

Being careful not to wake up the mysterious guy, I tried to move once again. Right then and there my heart sank to the floor.


I remeber calling for Her but everything was hazy. Oh how I missed her. Just being this far apart from her is getting me agravated. 

What could've happen to my pack? Is everything running smoothly? Of course not, there alpha have been missing for over 24 hours.

My sight shifted towards my left and right. Searching for a weapon I can use to get out of this place. Just as I was moving the figure In the corner shifted. A loud clearing of its throat made Me pay full attention.


He opened his eyes and stared straight At Me. He didn't look intimidating however, the crazed look In his eyes told Me to re-think.

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