Chapter 32

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“What the hell,” Damon muttered, still staring at us blankly.
“I managed to transport us out…” I trialed off, staring at my hands. Then I turned to Aiden, with a huge grin plastered to my face.
“Holy shit! You’re that powerful!” Aiden shouted, gripping me in a bear tight hug, spinning us around.
“Aiden?” Leila called out. We both turned to the direction of her voice, and Aiden broke out into a grin.
“Leila!” He yelled, running to her and capturing her in his arms. She laughed as he spun her around and planted a soft kiss to her lips. My chest ached a little, Klaus coming to mind again. My stomach nudged, and I lay a hand on it, stroking my baby gently.
“I miss him too,” I whispered, tears forming in my eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Leila asked, giving me a concerned look.
“Nothing,” I muttered, wiping away the tears and giving her the best smile I could. Only, the smile seemed so fake that it turned into a frown.
“Where’s Daniel?” Leila asked curiously.
“He-” Aiden stopped himself, looking at Leila. “How long were we gone?” He asked.
“Almost three days,” Leila said lightly.
“What…?” I asked, my voice raising up an octave.
“Well, when Klaus came for Daniel and Aiden, it had been Monday. Today’s Wednesday,” Leila explained.
“Klaus came looking for you two?” I asked Aiden, tears forming again. I wanted to slap myself for being so emotionally unstable, for not being able to control my reactions.
“Yeah. He said something about you being in trouble and that you were pregnant, and that these demon things wanted your child,” Aiden said in a rush.
“We can all tell she’s pregnant,” Damon scoffed. He had been silent, staring at our little gathering.
“But how are you that pregnant?” Elena asked, walking over to me. She gave me a look asking for permission, and I nodded my head. Then she placed a hand onto my stomach, smiling as my baby kicked.
“You and Klaus had been gone a little over three months,” Leila muttered, a confused look crossing her face.
“You spent a couple of months in the Dark Dimension, didn’t you?” Damon asked. I looked up at him and he stared at me knowingly.
“Yeah…” I muttered, looking at the floor again.
“The what?” Elena asked. So Damon and I explained the Dark Dimension to her, with added inputs from Aiden and Leila, who had both been to the Dark Dimension on various occasions.
“Elena, did you know that Stefan is helping Klaus?” I asked her with a worried expression. Everyone had grown silent, all staring at the floor. No one would meet my gaze, and I felt myself grow cautious.
“What?” I asked them warily.
“Klaus performed the ritual,” Elena muttered.
“What ritual?” I asked her, confusion crossing my features.
“The curse. He broke the curse,” Damon snapped impatiently. I stared at them all, waiting for one of them to break out laughing, or for someone to scream April Fools. Only it wasn’t April fool’s day…
“But…how…” I muttered, my eyes gazing at nothing.
“He used another witch,” Aiden muttered.
“He didn’t give away the moonstone then,” I guessed, muttering silently to myself. I remembered a time, when I was much happier, Klaus had said that he had traded the moonstone for my humanity. Stupid, lying bastard. My fists clenched involuntarily and then realization hit me.
“Who did he use as the vampire?” I asked suddenly, fearing the worst. Elena started silently sobbing, and Damon strode over to her, wrapping his arms around her in comfort.
“He used Jenna,” Damon muttered, silently stroking Elena’s hair.
“And he used the werewolf Jewels,” Aiden explained.
“But…if he broke the curse, how is Elena still alive?” I asked, afraid of knowing the answers.
“Bonnie performed some sort of spell on her, or something like that,” Aiden explained.
“But all this still doesn’t explain why Stefan and Klaus are now suddenly best friends? And where is Elijah?” I asked, only now noticing the fact that the other Original wasn’t present.
“Damon was bitten by Tyler, a werewolf,” Aiden explained, Damon and Elena too caught up in their moment to bother answering my questions.
“But…” I shook my head, unable to believe that.
“Stefan traded his freedom for a cure,” Leila explained.
“What was the cure?” I asked curiously.
“Klaus’s blood,” Damon said gravely. He stared at nothing in particular with a pained expression.
“So then where’s Elijah?” I asked again. The room went deadly silent again.
“Klaus killed him,” I guessed, my voice barely over a whisper.
“Elena!” I heard Jeremy’s familiar voice cry out. “They won’t leave me alone!”
I snapped out of my daze, staring at the form of Jeremy Gilbert as he ran into the room, pointing at the stairs.
“Jeremy,” Elena sighed, shaking her head.
“Who won’t leave you alone?” I asked casually.
“Dead vampires,” Jeremy whined. I looked at him as though he had gone crazy, because he certainly sounded like he had.
“Jeremy, vampires are already dead,” I tried explaining, sounding as though I were speaking to a little child. He turned to face me, motioning to roll his eyes before he caught sight of me head on and openly gaped at me.
“When the hell did you get pregnant?” He stared wide eyed.
“Who’s preg-” Bonnie strode into the room, ice cream tin in hand. She was about to take a spoon full of ice cream when she caught sight of me and yelled.
“Oh my gosh! Congratulations!” She bellowed, forgetting about the ice cream completely and attacking me with a bear hug. The baby kicked back, startled by Bonnie’s burst. I hissed in pain and felt arms pry Bonnie away.
“I’m sorry,” She repeated constantly, looking at me apologetically as I clutched my stomach.
“It’s okay,” I smiled weakly.
“You’re pregnant?” Caroline asked, striding into the room casually.
“Yeah, with that demon child,” Damon hissed. Instinctually I growled at him, motherly senses kicking into overdrive. No one called my baby a demon, even if Klaus was the father.
“Damon,” Elena reprimanded, slapping him across the chest.
“I’m sorry, It’s just Klaus get’s on my nerves a little,” Damon explained.
“Trust me, I know how you feel,” I muttered coolly. Thinking of Klaus just turned  my mood sour, even if I wasn’t in a good mood to begin with.
“So…Now what?” Caroline asked after a couple of awkward minutes.
“We celebrate,” Bonnie smirked.
“I meant a baby shower,” She added hastily, after receiving outraged expressions from everyone in the room.
“Things are so gloomy here, you might as well,” Jeremy muttered. He looked at a wall, backtracked, screamed “Leave me alone,” and stormed out the room. I stared at the wall he yelled at in amazement, wondering what the poor wall had ever done to him.


Okay, so I know that things get a little freaky, what with being happy and then going straight to gloomy and depressing, but I had a lot of chocolate while writing this, and I  think it screwed with my brain XD Anyways, this was a pretty boring chapter, although I do like the ending =) Poor walls, I hope Jeremy apologized. I haven't watched the thrid season yet, so this whole 'Jeremy can see vampire ghosts' is plainly from what I think will happen XD Vote, fan and comment my lovelies :)

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