Ch. 12 Invitation

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Yuki sighed. 

" We have to listen to him or....we would be punished" He looked away from Atsuko. 

Atsuko's eyes narrowed feeling angry that someone would punish or hurt a family member for not doing what he wanted them to do. 

" Who is your head of household?" She asked. 

Yuki looked back at her. 

" His name is Akito Sohma....." He whispered. 

' Akito....' She thought. 

Atsuko pledged to herself that someday she will confront Akito and make sure that the head of household will listen to her and realize that what he's doing to his family is wrong. 

" Yuki....." She whispered. 

Yuki looked at her. 

" Let's go back" Atsuko held her hand out to him.

Yuki smiled softly. 

They both intertwined their hands together. 

" Yeah

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" Yeah....." Yuki nodded. 

Atsuko smiled walking with Yuki back to the others and stopped by the entrance of the classroom seeing Kyo holding a bunny in his hands which was covered by a cloth while Tohru blushed bright red and Hatori hiding an annoyed expression on his face drinking tea. 

" My family...." Yuki sighed. 

Atsuko looked at Yuki and laughed. 

She's glad to witness this whole ordeal which makes her so happy. She may not be related to them by blood but her heart has brought them to her. 

" Let's go and eat! I'm starving" Atsuko grinned. 

Yuki chuckled stepping inside the classroom with her. 

It's now night time and everyone has left the school building heading home. The group were chatting outside with Atsuko observing them all from a distance. 

" Atsuko Chouko.....correct?"

Atsuko turned to see Hatori approaching her. 

" Atsuko is fine.....Hatori-san" Atsuko nodded. 

" may call me Hatori" Hatori looked at her.

Atsuko blinked looking at him curiously remembering Yuki's advice staying quiet. 

" I was wondering if you will like to visit the Sohma Estate when you have time" Hatori looked at her. 

Atsuko tensed up. 

She didn't know what to say. 

' Is he going to wipe out my memories of meeting the Sohma....' She thought.

Her eyes narrowed slightly. 

If someone that didn't know them witness the two together, people would of assume that the two are father and child due to how similar their appearance are. 

' This is also my chance..... to confront Akito' Atsuko hummed. 

Atsuko looked at Hatori in the eyes. 

" I'll accept your invitation.....Hatori" She smiled. 

Hatori stared at Atsuko. 

He couldn't help but smile nodding at her calling out to Momiji that they are leaving. Atsuko watched the duo stepped into a car driving away from the school. 

" Yo Atsuko!" 

Atsuko turned seeing Kyo waving at her that she will be left behind if she doesn't catch up. She smiled brightly running after the group jumping on them wrapping her arms around Kyo and Yuki who caught her. 

Everyone looked at Atsuko and smiled. 

Their night has been a good night and they couldn't wait to spend more time together just like this. 

They wanted to cherish this moment forever. 

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