Ch. 12 Invitation

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Atsuko and Momiji arrived to Class 1-A. Yuki turned around to greet the customers but looked surprised to see Momiji. 

" Momiji?" Yuki blinked. 

" Yuki-chan!" Momiji smiled brightly. 

He let go of Atsuko's hand running towards the older male and jumping on him. Yuki immediately caught the boy who hugged him close. The female students and customers couldn't but fan girl over the two males. 

" Sohma-san! Is he your little brother?" 

" He's so cute!" 

" He has to be Sohma-san's brother, they are both cute" 

Yuki blushed lightly feeling embarrassed walking out of the classroom putting Momiji down. He was about to say something when his eyes met with Hatori. 

" Hatori...." 

" Yuki...." 

Both men stared at each other with serious eyes nodding at the other's presence. Atsuko stepped out of the classroom looking at them with worried eyes. 

" Yuki, I invited Hatori-san and Momiji-kun to eat rice balls. I hope you don't mind" She looked at Yuki. 

Yuki turned to look at Atsuko. 

" Atsuko......" He whispered. 

Tohru steps out and smiled seeing Hatori.

" Ah! Hatori-san, nice to see you again. Please come in and try some of our rice balls" Tohru spoke up. 

Hatori looked away from the two nodding at Tohru. He watched Yuki taking Atsuko's hand walking away from them. 

Atsuko let Yuki dragged her away from the others looking confused. She wonders why Yuki is suddenly acting different than his usual self. 

" Yuki?" 

Yuki stopped turning around to face her. 

" should be more careful around him....." He looked serious. 

" Around who?" Atsuko blinked. 

" Please.....Atsuko, do not be alone with Hatori....." Yuki gave her a worried stare. 

Atsuko stared at Yuki staying quiet. She didn't know why Yuki is acting this way. Hatori hasn't hurt her or anything and besides he just saved her from falling. 

" Why?" She asked. 

Yuki grabbed Atsuko's hand grasping it gently. 

" Because.....he has the ability to wipe people's memories....and I don't want him to wipe your memories of me" He whispered and mumbled the last sentence to himself. 

Yuki dreaded for the day of Atsuko disappering out of his sight. He knew there would be a day when his head of household will send Hatori and wipe Atsuko's memories and he will be shunned away from her. 

" Wipe my memories?" Atsuko blinked. 

She frowned feeling slightly angered that someone could do that. Hatori hasn't approached her or do anything suspicious towards her. 

" Hatori hates it......but the head of the Sohma clan forces him to do it" Yuki whispered. 

He remembered hearing it from his older brother about Hatori being forced to wipe out the memories of someone the man cherished. Till this day, Hatori has regretted doing it and keeps to himself only allowing a few people in his life. 

Atsuko's eyes saddened. 

" That's wrong......your head of household shouldn't force him to wipe people's memories because he says so" She mumbled. 

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