(42) ~ sleepover at NCIS ~

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The plane landed in Washington. You where still asleep laying against Tony. " hey, hey beautiful, wake up" Tony says and you shook your head. " get up the planes landed" he says shaking you again. " shut up" you say and roll over. " I didn't want it to come to this but so be it" he says and leans over. He diggs his fingers into the side of your stomach and tickles you. You wake up and smile trying your hardest not to squirm. You burst out laughing and squirm around like a little kid. " no..... No... Alright I'm up...... stawwwwwwp" you say laughing and he stops. " thank you" you say still laughing. You put some different clothes on and you jumped on the bike backing it out down the ramp and Tony followed with his car. A while later Tony arrived at the office first while you went to get some pain killers. You arrived back at the office and parked out the front. You turned the bike off and climbed into the elevator. You took your helmet off just as you started walking into the bullpen. " hello sweetheart" Gibbs said. " hey" you say and slam your helmet on your desk and plonk onto your chair. " what's wrong?" McGee asks. " I'm on pain killers. There making me feel weird" you say and Tony comes over and picks you up and takes you to his desk. He sits you down on his lap and you lay against him with him holding on to you tight. You doze off and start having nightmares. " aww look at you two. So cute" Abby says looking at you and Tony. " she's on pain killers. There sending her loopy" Tony whispers stroking your hair. You start making some weird noises and saying things in a worried scared tone. " don't hurt him , no please NO" you scream and wake up. You sit up still on Tony's lap with tears in your eyes. " what's wrong?" Tony asks looking at you worriedly. " nightmare" you say and rest back down against Tony and he holds you tight. " what happened?" He asks. " someone took you and they bashing you and then they killed you" you say still crying against his chest. He held you tight,
" don't worry. It was only a dream " Tony says and kisses you gently. Suddenly there is a huge bolt of lightning and a loud crash of thunder. You hide under Tony's arms and then the power goes out making the room completely black. " well I'm certainly de-lighted" you say and everyone bursts out laughing. " don't I just light up this place" you say getting out your phone. You put the torch on and it lights the room up. " hey there" you say smiling. " how much charge you got?" Gibbs asks and you look at your phone. " %100. The torch could stay on for hours and only use like %5" you say and hold it in the middle. " looks like where gonna have a sleepover here tonight." Gibbs says and you smile. " did you stop at home on the way here?" You whisper to Tony and he shakes his head. " did you bring our bags in from the car?" You ask and he shakes his head. " let's watch a movie" you say grabbing your laptop out. Everyone sits on the floor making themselves comfy. You set the laptop down on a chair and open the disk tray. " choose a movie" you say and they choose one. " Smokey and the Bandit. Amazing choice" you say smiling and put the movie in. You turn the volume up all the way and take the wireless mouse with you. Abby comes out of the lab and was soon followed by Ducky and Palmer. " what we watching?" Abby's asks sitting down next to you. " Smokey and the bandit" you say and she smiles. " YAY!" She screams happily and everyone gets comfy. You press play and set the mouse on the desk above your head. " I love you" Tony says wrapping his arm around you. " I love you to" you say and rest against him as the movie starts.

~~~~~~~ THE END ~~~~~~~

Hey guys!

So this is the end of this book. It's actually quite sad seeing we've gone so good. This book will be left as it is. Because honestly, i can't be bothered going through and editing it seeing there is over 40 chapters. There is also a new book cover for y'all! Sort it sucks though. In the end,

I thank you all very much for reading! I really appreciate it and hope you enjoyed my terrible writing skills XD. Words can't explain how thankful I am of you's for reading and sharing my love for NCIS! 💙

I love you all very much and hope you have a good day/night/evening, whatever.


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