Chapter 38: Past Of Letters And Bones

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She sat on the large bed, Pengeth being cradled in her arms. Othes looked down at the young girl who was reading one of her favorite novels, The Prince And The Girl. A widely known book that has grown in popularity over the past few years. Of course she knew why the girl smiled so much while reading it, the story was a romance one, and Pengeth lived and breathed romance. She never understood how something could be so interesting, but Pengeth was immersed in it. Scanning the girl's body she found the wrapped foot, the foot that has been crushed due to her inability to protect her from it. It pained her, to see the girl struggle, to see her in pain. She stroked Pengeth's straight blonde hair that loosely hung over the girl's small shoulders. The room in the mansion was gorgeous, Pengeth's walls were covered in flowery wallpaper that oozed a wondrous lilac color. The bed sheets matched the color of the walls, and so did the curtains. There was an armoire and a mirror, also a desk and a nightstand. The room was perfectly sized, and Deigil was so kind to let them stay here. She had no idea, no clue what Deigil's real heritage was, it shocked her just as much as the rest. Meathil obviously has no thoughts at to what to do, and neither did she. Hyril didn't care and Thennil the same. How the bracket had drifted apart only after a few months, it frightened her to think about the future. Again her eyes traveled back to her ankle, the girl's ankle that had once been shattered. It now was healing, all thanks to Bellinil's great ability to use light magic. But still...

"Othes? Are you-"

"Does it hurt?" She interrupted the girl, seeing her get a bit startled by the intensity of the question. Pengeth smiled softly and closed the book, the flower on the cover now showing.

"Not at all, Bellinil did a great job! I am glad you are here Othes, it helps to have you around," Pengeth answered, her body moving out of her grasp to the edge of the bed. The girls arm shot out reaching for her own, she took it and helped the girl up.

"I will always be around, there is no need to fret about it. Any time you need me I'll be there." The young blonde smiled and pointed to the desk a couple feet away from them, she slowly guided her there.

"That's what makes me happiest. My muscles still need help but the pain from the bones is all gone, so this will only last a little bit longer, hopefully." She looked down at the girl, whose face now wore a saddened expression. Hopefully, the word most likely meant in her heart maybe. "Oh! I got a letter today! Do you want to read it with me?"

"Um...If it's personal I don't want to intervene."

"You won't be, no secrets are to be kept between us! Remember." She did remember, the promise they made before joining Meathil's bracket. Pengeth had made her promise to never keep things from her, and same went for her. The archer sat down at the desk and looked down at the letter on it. The paper envelope was fresh and neatly folded, as she opened it Othes wondered if Pengeth was nervous, her hands shook as she broke the seal on the envelope. Inside was a one pages letter, written in fine handwriting. "It's from, mother." She immediately went to read over the girl's shoulder.

My Dear Pengeth,

How is life in a bracket? I miss you dearly and hope you are doing well, it has been ages since I have gotten the chance to write to you, and I am very sorry for that. Your father has been well, although he is now eating more sweets than he should, he says he misses you just as much. He has made his way back to Eriness by now, in hopes to see the new villages that are to be built there. He is so proud of you, and to hear you became an archer made his heart leap with joy. Are you still being kind to everyone? We raised you to be a sweet young girl, and hope you stay that way. Iera misses you greatly, and wonders when she will see you again. She always said she wanted to see her best friend shine brightly, and now you have. I have told her the good news and she is very happy for you. She says to tell you that she got engaged to a wealthy lord's son, whom she loves very much. The wedding date is set for a two months from now, she really does wish for you to be there. I love you very much sweetie, and hope for you to visit as soon as your assignment is done. Love you.

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