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Dedicated to LittleFighter97 for My Stolen First Kiss!

"So what are your plans after high school?" Mr. Harrison asked.

I rub my hands on my pants which I've probably done 20 times already.

Matt smiles at me, waiting for the answer.

Mrs. Harrison pretends that this conversation isn't happening and Colin takes a hold of my hand.

He gives me a small squeeze and I clear my throat.

"Well, I was thinking that I'd work in child services and minor in business if the first doesn't work out."

His eyes widen as if he didn't think I could possibly want to do those things and Colin smiles.

"What about your parents, what do they do?" I can feel the tears trying to come down but I hold them back.

"Dad, I think that's enough!"

I put my other hand over the one that Colin is already holding and he sits back down.

"It's okay. My mom...died in a car accident and my dad is a construction worker. Can I be excused?"

I don't wait for an answer and take my hands from Colin and go out the front door. I don't really have a place to go because Colin brought me here and I wasn't paying attention so I end up dropping down on their front porch bawling my eyes out.

The front door swings open and Colin comes and hugs me tight and rubs my back.

"Shh... It's okay. It'll be okay. He doesn't deserve your tears. No one does." I nod and turn into his chest to hug him tighter.

"Thank you," I muttered and he pulled away from me and looked me in the eyes.

His eyes seemed to turn a darker shade of blue but they were still beautiful as before. "Thank you for what? I didn't do anything."

"For being there for me when no one else is. I'm so mean to you and you're still here. No one ends up staying. Especially when it comes to me."

He grins and I can see the wrinkles under his eyes.

"I stay because I care. If I end up being laughed at or insulted then so be it because I'll still be here, showing that I care for you."

I smile and he hugs me again and kissed my forehead. "Come on. You've had a long day. You should get some rest." He stands up and offers me his hand and I take and we go inside.

Luckily everyone has already cleaned up and went to their room and Colin leads me to his. It's big and blue all around.

He has posters from different bands and pictures of him with friends or with Matt and his mom. None with his dad. There's a shelf filled with trophies from soccer, basketball and football and jerseys framed on a wall.

"Well, I brought some of your clothes. You can go in the bathroom right there and you can sleep in here." I thanked him and took the bag and found some pajamas in there.

After changing I open the door and saw Colin throwing on his shirt. He had well-defined abs and I pressed my lips to not drool.

That's how fine he looked.

He turned around and smirk that he caught me staring and I blushed. I put the bag next to the bed and climbed in. "If you want I can go sleep on the couch."

I really didn't want to sleep alone. Not with the dreams I have.

"Can you stay, please?"

He nodded, probably seeing how scared I looked and turned off the light. I moved over and the bed dipped down a little when he came next to me.

"Goodnight," I say and he says the same back before we fall asleep.

I shuffle a little in the bed and my pillow smells really good. I never smelt this on my pillows like a minty smell. I snuggle in it deeper until I realized that it wasn't my pillow.

My eyes crack open a little and I stare at blackness. I look up and see that the blackness was from a shirt connected to a body that belongs to Colin Harrison.

He still sleeping peacefully and looks so cute. He looks like a little kid in his sleeping state and I smile. I try to turn over so I wouldn't be on him but his arm is wrapped around my waist and it tightens when I try to move.

"Can't get away that easily."

His voice is husky as he says it and it sounds sexy.

I have a problem.

I look up at him and he smiles lazily at me.

"I have to um...use the bathroom."

His raise his eyebrows before saying, "Mind me coming in with you?" I laugh at his attempt and he pouts.

"Sorry but I'm going in alone." He looks down and then back at me. "You're not fair!" He says in a childish voice that makes him sound so adorable.

He sighs and lets me go and I jump over him and run into the bathroom after sticking my tongue out at him. I hear his laugh when I close the door.

I can't do this. I like him. It's getting harder and harder trying not to when he says and does the things he does to me.

I can't fall for Colin though because if I do then he's going to worry about me. I can't let him do that when I know he deserves better.

Someone who doesn't have a fuck up past and shit bothering them every night. I wouldn't even know how to get over him, though.

Last night was the first time in a long that I didn't have nightmares or that I wasn't praying for my dad to disappear or at least not come back home that morning.

I was grateful for it but I can't let him keep doing this.

"Hope are you okay in there?" I opened the door and walk into his chest.

"Oh, I didn't realize you were right on the other side." He smiles and walks back and sits on the bed.

"Well, we better get ready for the day I have planned."

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