Chapter 16

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After two very uneventful hours, it was time for seventh hour- History of Magic. I almost left school accidentally, forgetting we had an additional hour, but when no one was leaving I realized my mistake. Now to find the room... I thought. I pulled out my schedule to look for the room number, but dropped it in surprise when I felt someone hug me from behind. I let out a shriek and heard the person laugh by my ear.

"Aw, Lyn, did I scare you?" Chanson teased, spinning me around to face him. I lightly punched him on the shoulder, smirking.

"Yes, yes you did!" He laughed again, kissing my cheek and taking my hand.

"Ready for History of Magic, then?" He asked, and I nodded. This would be so much easier than searching for the room alone, and no one would even notice that I didn't know where I was going! I mentally thanked him. He picked up my schedule and handed it to me, then lead me through the hallway, up the stairs, and around a corner to what I presumed to be the History of Magic room. Chanson took my bag and set it under a desk where I thought I should sit, then took the seat next to me.

"Did you study at all?" He asked. I froze.

"Um... For what?" I wondered, apprehensively. He laughed.

"You're joking, right? For the unit test!" Crap.

"Oh, right, the test..."

"You forgot?" He exclaimed. "Alright, we need to study, stat."

"Um, no, I'm sure I wouldn't know any of the answers anyways," I replied honestly, "It's a lost cause." He shook his head, causing his hair to shift out of place and over his eyes.

"Get out your study guide!" He said warmly. "I'm sure we can figure a few out together." I gave him a blank stare. I don't have one! "We can use mine, I guess."

"Thanks," I acknowledged.

"Alright, first things first. 'At what age does a person unlock their magic potential?' That one's easy." I gave him another blank stare. He coughed, covering up his initial response- a laugh. "Ten, Lyn. Kids unlock their potential at ten, but don't master their powers until later. Remember?" I nodded, knowing that if I spoke I'd be too obvious. "Which brings us to the next question. 'At what age is a person considered a master of their powers?'" I know Beckham wrote this in his journal... Think, Lyn, think!

"Eighteen?" I guessed. Chanson smiled and I did too. I got something right!

"Correct!" He said, patting my shoulder. "Alright, next question is-"

"Good afternoon class!"

Chanson was cut off by a teacher with crazy silver hair and a goatee walking into the room with a grand hand gesture. He walked to the front of the classroom and spun to face us.

"Today is our unit test!" He exclaimed happily, gesturing to some papers on his desk in the far right corner. They raised into the air and floated towards him. Wait, what? No one in the class seemed phased by this new development, so I tried my best to keep the gawking to a minimum. "Please put your papers away and get out a writing utensil, we will begin immediately!" His voice didn't match the words he was saying at all, but I was glad that he was so cheery. I was freaking out enough as it was, without a strict teacher. I looked over at Chanson and he smiled back at me, reassuringly. When I looked back at the teacher, he was guiding all the papers to each student's desk. When my test arrived, it already had Laelyn Campbell scrawled along the top in neat blue pen. I took a deep, calming breath and read the first question. It was the same one that Chanson had asked me. A person unlocks their potential at ten years old, I chanted, trying to ingrain it in my mind. A person is a master of their powers at eighteen, I mentally answered the next question. Question three: Which of these ancestral wizards was the first to unlock their magic potential?

a) Johnathan Locke

b) Kigo Liguone

c) Phillip Dwayne

d) Tyler Jackson

How am I supposed to know that? I wondered. I hadn't even heard those names before- what was I supposed to do, guess? I looked up and surveyed the classroom. Beckham! I forgot he has this class! He probably knows all the answers, the jerk. Why couldn't he have given me a crash course earlier? I scowled and looked back down at my test. Maybe the teacher accidentally wrote the answer in another question! I love when they do that! I glanced through all the questions, scanning for one of the four names. Question twenty-five: At what age did Kigo Liguone unlock his magic potential?

a) 13

b) 18

c) 27

d) 11

That's got to mean that he's the ancient wizard guy! I guessed. And if not, hey I was allowed to be wrong- I didn't know any of this! I'm sure Link would be proud of me for using this logic. Link. I missed him... The real him. I tried to remember the last thing I'd said to him, before I left the Earth. I could almost remember his voice, talking to me- no, yelling. Yelling? Link never yelled at me...


"Why don't you like Alyrica? I finally find someone who understands me, and cares about me, and..." He raised his finger at me in accusation. "And you don't want me to be happy." I gasped, eyes wide. We were in a park, surrounded by bright green trees, and there was a small children's play area where Alyrica and her group were waiting for Link.

"No, Link, that's not it at all!" I said quickly, "She's just... She's bad news. She's trying to get you to drop out of highschool! If she cares about you, why would she do that?"

"They don't let us practice with magic there, Lyn." He explained. "No wonder no one masters their powers until they're eighteen! They're suppressed." I shook my head.

"They teach us to control our emotions and become responsible first," I reasoned. "If we can't control ourselves, we can't be trusted to be safe when controlling our powers! Don't you understand that?"

"Don't you understand that?" He mocked. "Funny that you're talking about understanding when you aren't even trying to understand this."

"Link, I've tried." I answered, feeling myself getting angry. "I've tried to understand, but there is no way that she is helping you! She just wants you to drop out and be part of her... Group."

"You mean my friends?"

"They are not your friends!"

"Excuse me?"

"If they were your friends they wouldn't pressure you to drink, smoke, or drop out."

"Oh spare me. You sound like a cheesy highschool commercial."

"Your life is a cheesy highschool commercial. Can't you see that?" I laughed. "You're the kid that is being peer pressured, and everyone realizes but you!"

"You know what? I'm done."

"Arguing? Good, me too."

"No. Done with you. I'm not going back to school." He decided. "I'm not even going back home. Tell Mom for me, will you? No, on second thought, don't. She won't care anyways." And with that he turned and walked back to Alyrica, leaving me standing there just trying to form sounds into words to stop him, but nothing came out.


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