Chapter 15

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A.N. hiiii I just wanted to clear a few things up and say that first of all this story takes place in the 50s for all of you asking because' that was a time where mental institutions were very harsh and they had awful punishments and stuff (and I know they don't talk/act like theyre from the 50s but it would sound weird if I did that and im obviously not from the 50s so yeah). By the way I usually post late Sunday night for those of you wondering :) I also wanted to say thank you all sooo much for your reads/comments/votes and I love every single one of you (even if I don't reply to some comments it doesn't mean I don't read them and they make my day so feel free to comment and vote)! :D oh and please follow me on twitter @larryfeelssigh :)


I entered the cafeteria of Wickendale with thoughts even more confusing than usual, my mind swirling in a mass of James and Harry. Spending time with James had been perfect and so had our kiss, so why had I envisioned meeting Harry's lips instead? Why couldn't I just spend time with James without constantly thinking about him? All of these questions were swirling around in my mind and I couldn't grasp a single thought from the whirlwind. An internal battle of sorts seemed to be taking place, as one side of me wanted to be good and the other yearned to stand alongside the evil.

And the fact that I was even considering the second option scared me; a lot. But Harry held an essence that blurred any logical and moral view I once possessed and took over my every thought. He was like an infection, spreading throughout my mind and refusing to leave.

Speak of the devil, there he was as I walked in to the large cafeteria. He already had a seat at our table, his dark hair in a disheveled tangle of curls pushed back to reveal breathtaking features, his cherry-red lips wrapped around a diminishing cigarette.

"You're here early," I greeted, taking a seat next to him.

"Yeah, we got let out of our group therapy shit sooner than usual because Janise had a meltdown and tried to choke a guard. It was really funny, actually," he smirked, puffing a smoke ring into the air.

"Is everyone okay?" I asked.

"Yes, unfortunately. It's too bad though, I would've liked to see some action around here for a change."

I rolled my eyes but couldn't help but grin at his cynical humor. Subconsciously I looked around to see if any of the usual guards were missing due to the incident Harry described, but the guards scattered around the lunch room seemed to be alright. Including James, who met my eyes as my gaze shifted over to him. He flashed me an adorable smile and I returned it, waving at him, before my eyes shifted back over to Harry. I found him him looking between the two of us, an almost humorous expression of disgust playing out over his features.

"You know, Rose, I know I can't control who you spend your time with, but can you please not make googly eyes at the person I despise right in front of me?"

"Despise? That seems a little strong of a word, doesn't it?"

Harry just shrugged, still irritated.

"You already know James is innocent. If he didn't murder anyone, why do you hate him so much?"

"Just do," he said simply, leaning back in his chair to remove his cigarette and exhale a breath of curling smoke. "So you guys went to the fair yesterday, right?"

"Yeah," I said apprehensively, afraid of the conversation lying ahead. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt in the memory of kissing James, but I immediately shoved away the thought. I should be able to kiss whoever I wanted, it's not like I had some obligation to Harry.

"How was it?" he wondered, trying to sound casual.