Chapter 1: This Is What You Came For

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Melissa's POV

Thursday|April,7th,2016|Los Angeles, CA

7:45 AM: *Phone Vibrates* I slowly opened my eyes and looked down at my phone to see a text from Robyn...

Baby Girl 😍👭🙌👑💕: Meli wake you fine ass up gyal! Lol we've got a long day ahead of us.... Love you 😘

Me: Okay I'm up and love you more Rob's 😘

After about 15 minutes I stuck one of my legs out the bed and slowly but surely managed to stand up. I struggled a little bit to get to the bathroom and eventually I got in the shower.

While in the shower I began to think... My birthday was only a few days away and I was the least bit excited.

Robyn said she had something special planned for the two of us. That's just like Robyn, she was so thoughtful and caring and I was so lucky to have her. Ever since we were kids Robyn always looked out for me, had my back, and was always there when I really needed her.

After about a 45 minute shower I got out, dried off and proceeded to get dressed. I turned on the weather channel and the weather man said the high was 101 degrees.

Most definitely I wasn't wearing pants so after about 20 minutes of going through my closet I found this cute flower dress and threw it on.

I didn't want to look too extravagant.. So I only put on a few accessories, which included a few rings, a couple bracelets and to top it off pearl studs and a nice necklace.

I didn't really do much with my makeup and hair... Just my eyebrows and a little lip gloss and straighten my hair a little bit. It took me approximately 35 minutes to get dressed and out the door.

By 9:45 I hit the road and was on my way to work. Today Robyn had a big video shoot for her upcoming song with Calvin Harris "This Is What You Came For," she asked me just to come for moral support and of course I did.

I would do anything that she asked me to... She was my best friend and plus she had that whip appeal on me like no other.

About 10:25 is when I arrived and when one of the crew members informed Robyn that I was there... She ran as fast as anyone in heels could, straight into my arms. She kissed my cheek and said "Good morning Mel bear, thank you for coming."

Yes she called me Mel bear, thats been my nickname to her since we were kids and she's the only one allowed to call me that. I loved her warm embrace, her soft, tender skin up against mine and she smelled so good, like a dozen roses but all I could say at that moment was "you're welcome."

Eventually we let each other go and began to walk as I looked around she asked "So what do you think, pretty cool huh?" Her deep accent always did something to me, made me feel weak in my knees...

I smiled as I saw all the lights, scenes transitions and the enormous cube that Robyn was going to be standing in... "Pretty cool," I said after a small giggle.

They called Robyn for hair and make-up and after about 25 minutes they were ready to start shooting. Robyn waved at me with a smile and I shot her a quick thumbs-up before the director called "Action." I loved the song and with Robyn's voice over Calvin's beat, it was nothing but a dope combination.

I don't know what it was... maybe it was her singing or how she was moving her body but it put me into a trance. It felt like time slowed down and everyone around suddenly vanished, the only people left was myself and Robyn. The music finally slowed down almost like a chopped-and-screwed version to the song and my eyes connected with Robyn's as she seductively danced for me. I licked my lips as she kept spinning, twirling, touching herself and winked at me.

By the time I came out of my day dream the director said "Cut!" Everyone began to clap and applaud the wonderful performance from Robyn and Calvin. Robyn was such a professional that it only took about 20 minutes to shoot the video and was going to take a few days of editing but it wasn't suppose to be released until June 16th.

I didn't know what was going on with me, why I was looking at my best friend in this manner. Why every time she came around my body began to tingle and I couldn't even manage to keep a smile off my face.

After she got undressed and was all packed up and ready to leave, she ran up to me and hugged me. I whispered to her "you were amazing gyal" not that she knew I had a full-out day dream fantasy about her... She let me go and said "well this IS what you came for," as she rubbed her hand against my face, walking away with a smile and a wink.

Her hips began to sway as she walked away from me, I could do nothing but stare and think... "This is most definitely what I came for."

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