Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

<Kaitlin's P.O.V>

"WAKE UP SLUTS!!" I heard someone yell. I slowly opened my eyes, the sun blaring in my eyes. I suddenly noticed I was laying on something, or someone. I looked up to see destery smiling down at me. I guess at some point in the night I cuddled up to him. And he did the same. His arm was wrapped around me pulling me closer. "Hiya!" destery exclaimed. I pushed myself up and looked around. Nathan was standing at the side of the bed grinning like an idiot. Then I realized what it looked like. I scrambled to my feet, "No! It's definitely not what it looks like!" I gushed. "Oh really, because it looks to me like destery got a little close with our new roomate last night." Nathan joked raising his eyebrow. " Well, you see, I didn't have a bed, and I thought maybe I could crash with destery. that's all..." I tried to explain. Nathan busted into fits of laughter and so did destery. Both gripping their sides. " I was just messing with you! I know you wouldn't sleep with destery... not with me right down the hall anyway." Nathan continued to laugh as he walked out of the room. I looked at destery who was doing some weird wiggle with his eyebrows which made me giggle. "So, am I crazy or was that the best nights sleep ever?" Destery asked. I had to admit. It was. "Yeah actually!" I admitted. "I'm gonna be so lonely when your bed gets here. which is when exactly?" I didn't know if he was serious. But it made me smile thinking he wasn't repulsed by me like I thought. "Um, I think part of it should be here today." I answered. Our conversation was cut short by the announcement of breakfast. We made our way to the kitchen and saw that Nathan had cooked a huge breakfast. "Wow Nate! I'm impressed. what's the occasion?" Destery asked. "Well. I figured our new roomate deserved a nice meal. And after your "escapade" last night I thought you might be hungry!" Nathan laughed. I was never going to live it down. But I didn't mind. it was fun to have little inside jokes. Wether at my expense or not. I learned to laugh at myself. During breakfast there was a knock at the door. I hopped up and answered it. A UPS guy was standing with a huge box in his hand. " I'm looking for 'Kaitlin Ritter'" he spoke. "That's me" I answered. I grabbed the box and put it inside signing my name and thanking him. I closed the door and shoved the box into the living room where the guys helped me unpack it. It was just some stuff I didnt have room for in the car. More posters. A jewelry box. And some stuffed animals. The guys went into the kitchen with the breakfast dishes as I looked through the rest of my stuff. When I got to the bottom I saw what I had been waiting for, my knife collection, I know it's weird but that was my hobby. I hit up flea markets and found cool knives. Even had a thigh holster for them. As I pulled them out the guys came back in, " Holy shit!, badass!!" Destery exclaimed. Sitting beside me looking at the rest of them. "Where did you get these?" He questioned. "Well, I just hit up flea markets and ta-da!" I explained, gesturing towards the knives.

"You're not gonna like, knife us in our sleep are you?" Nathan asked. "No! Why would I do that! You guys are like my best friends!" I told him. "Aww, I'm gonna cry! We're your best friends?" Nathan asked, making his bottom lip quiver falsely. Which made me giggle. Now that I think about it, they really were, I had never really told anyone about the rape thing. And when I told them it came so natural. Like it wouldn't matter if they knew, because they would still be there.

My bed never arrived, the rest of my stuff did. But a few weeks later we got a letter saying they lost it in shipping. how do you lose a bed?! It wasn't all bad though, destery let me crash with him till I got a new one.

One morning I awoke to find the other side of the bed empty. I sat up, an looked around. Then I heard grunting noises, and a loud thud! I jumped out of bed and checked all the rooms, when I got to my room I opened the door to find destery and Nate standing by a bed grinning ear to ear. "Is this for me?" I asked, stepping into the room. They both nodded "We figured you got tired of sleeping in desterys' bed so we got you one!" Nathan explained. "Thanks guys! You really didn't have to. an you even set it up? Wow, I have some handy roommates." I complimented. As they walked out destery stopped "If you get lonely, just climb in bed with me again, I don't mind." destery said, with a flirty smirk on his lips. Making me blush I replied " Ill keep that in mind" and with that he walked out. I closed my door and sat down on my new bed. It was very comfy. Realizing I was still in pj's I jumped up to get dressed. Putting on some skinny jeans, and a band t shirt I walked into the living room. "I want to go out tonight!" I exclaimed. "Where?" Nate asked. I didn't know anywhere in the area, so I had no clue. "Why don't we try that new club that opened up downtown?" Destery Suggested. We all agreed, but seeing as it was only noon we had a few hours to kill. "Well, I'm going job hunting, and shopping. I need a new outfit for tonight anyway." I said. " Why?" Destery asked. "Because, I don't want to look like a demented potato tonight! I need a club outfit." I told him.

"I think you look beutiful in everything." Destery stated, blushing a bit. it made me blush too. "Well thank you, but I still need to go job hunting. I have a little money but I need a job." I said, I grabbed my keys and phone and left. Destery's words still running through my mind, did he like me? No! He wouldn't be into fat girls.

I arrived at the mall, thanks to my GPS my parents bought me before I left. I applied at a few places in the food court. I also applied at hot topic, earthbound, and Spencer's. I made my way to forever21 to find an outfit. seeing as they had an entire section for fat people.

Looking around I had no idea what I wanted to get. "Do you need help?" a women asked, "Yes actually, I'm going out tonight and I wanted to impress the guy I'm going with." I admitted, a little embarressed. Even though I know destery won't go for me, I at least had to try,maybe get another guys attention. She directed me to some dresses, I have small, good looking legs so I've been told, and small arms, the only think big on me is my stomach. i looked through all of them, until I stopped on a black dress. It was tight in the chest area and flowed down to about knee length. It was my size. but not club worthy. I put it back. I looked some more and found a purple skinny strap top it was a little low cut but hey I had nice boobs, why not. it was sparkly, which I didn't mind. I tried it on and it looked good. I paired it with some black skinny jeans and I had my outfit. I left feeling happy, and good about myself. Hopefully tonight I'll have fun, and I highly doubt it but maybe catch a guys attention.

When we got to the club the line wasn't that long, bad sign? We got in we realized why, the place was packed, it was amazing. The second we got in eyes shot toward us, a few lingering on me. Maybe tonight will improve. "See I told you, you look beautiful in anything." destery whispered in my ear. I smiled and made my way to a booth. The guys wanted to dance, but I told them I'd catch up. Nathan was slid into the seat across from me. "Aren't you having fun?" he shouted over the music. "Yeah, it's just, havent been to a club in a minute" I shouted back. "Just follow me, he grabbed my hand and led me to an open spot on the floor, his hands went to my hips making me jump "Realax! just swing your hips to the music! You'll get it" he said, releasing his hands from my hips. He was right, I started to get into it, dancing and swaying. "Where is destery?" I asked, suddenly noticing his absence. "Making out with some girl by the bar." Nathan shouted. I looked toward the bar, he was right, he had his tongue down some girls vile throat! It made me sick. I turned and left, Nathan calling me back. I didn't pay attention to him. Of course destery never liked me, he preferred tiny brunettes like the one he was with. I never stood a chance. I didn't wait for them to catch up. I just walked. I didn't know where.

After walking for hours a car pulled up. and the window rolled down. "Are you lost?" said a deep voice. I looked into the window and saw a rather attractive man sitting in the drivers seat. I know what they say about strangers but this guy was to cute to be real. "Umm, kinda" I said. "A pretty lady like yourself shouldn't be out this late, come on I'll take you home." he said, smiling. I know it's dangerous but at that point I don't care. I hopped in and shut the door. "So where do you live, I can take you home. I promise no funny business." he said, making a little cross over his heart. I laughed and told him the address. "So what's your name?" he asked. "Kaitlin. Yours?" I asked. "Aaron" he stated. When we pulled up to my house the lights were still off. "Looks like my roommates are still gone. Wanna come up and have a drink?" I asked. What am I doing!! I don't even know him! And I'm already inviting him up? But something about this guy made me not care. He accepted, and we made our way up to the apartment.

Once inside i went to the kitchen to get some glasses and some brandy I kept in the cupboard. I came back and told him he could sit on the couch. We both sat down an started talking. I learned he had a little brother, and his mom raised them by herself. As he spoke I examined his features, he had dark black hair, the brightest blue eyes, and he was pale. But so was I so it didn't matter. When it was my turn to speak I couldn't think of anything. I just kept looking into his eyes, suddenly he leaned forward and brushed his lips against mine. When I didn't pull away he kissed me with more force, his lips put me in a daze, my head wouldn't stop spinning. my hands flew up to his hair. We pulled apart needing air. " That was wow" I finally said. "Yeah, you're a really good kisser." he said. "Actually, that was my first kiss." I admitted. "Oh god! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-" I cut him off by kissing him again. I pulled away this time "It's fine! I enjoyed it. It's late, you wanna just crash here? I promise I don't bite, unless your into that." I said raising an eyebrow. I stood up waiting for him to follow me to my bedroom. I grabbed some clothes and changed in the bathroom. When I came back he had already slipped under the covers, I laughed and slid in next to him. We both fell asleep soon after.

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