Sasuke going to highschool:chapter one

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first chapter of sasuke going to highschool, "please do read if young or like humor " this is not a

joke, i repeat " please do read if young or like humor "


Sasuke Going To Highschool

Chapter One

a long time ago in china, a boy had a dream and that dream was becoming a ninja, to become like his oldest and only brother, but what happens when his brother hates the clan that his father runs, what happens when his brother kills all his family and leaves him alive because of pity. long after sasuke still wants to kill his brother itachi !!??

sasuke's pov

"hey! sasuke" sakura said bashing her eye lashes at me, god she acts like naruto sometimes.

"watz up sasuke, heya sakura" he said trying to flirt with her, its so funny i dont even have to try with ninja chicks.

"oh you kids better get to class" guy said hugging lee, talk about creepy, im glad that freak is not my theacher.

"i have to walk to my locker" i said shaking my head, thinking about guy as my theacher.

"umm! ok saskure" mm why did sakura sound nervous, now why would she be nervous. i walked to my locker and opened it, two notes fell out, of couse i grabbed them before they hit the floor.

Dear Sasuke

meet me behind the school builing today at 13;46

your secrt lover

what the fuck i dont have a secrt lover, its a joke or a trap. i put both of the letters in my pocket

"heya sasuke " ino said rubbing my arm,normally i would tell her to fuck off but im to busy for her shit.

"yea sure" danm its already 13;50, i gotta get rid of her.

"so sasuke why you here alo-" i leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips, she bit my top lip asking to enter.

"ino, go to class" i said walking away, oh god i have to wash my mouth that was sick, no nasty, oh god i kissed ino.

i walked out the schools back door, i saw a person move, i imported myself right in front of the unknown person.

"fight fight fight" i looked at the person i grabbed and it was gaara, not good, im not afraid but, kakashi will kill me if i get in another fight.

"you little bitch" gaara spat and throw me against the wall with his sand bag.

"faggot" i said getting up and charging up my arm.

"sasuke sasuke sasuke" i smiled to myself, so many people believe i can kick gaara's ass, which i can.

"your not worth my time" i said lamely walking away with my arm still charged, just in case, he acts like a back stabber.

"chicken, the big bad sasuke's a chicken"

"fine" i turned around and and ran tord him, he put his sand wall, i knowing he was gonna be that, i get behind him and was about to hit him.

"sasuke" kakashi's voices echoed off the brick walls. all the kids started to ran, lee, ino. gaara's gang, mostly all the school was running with there heads cut off.

~later at sasukes house~

danm kakashi almost killed me if it weren't for nartuo, well lession learned, never fight on school grounds. oh yea there was two letters, the first on was from gaara im guessing.what about the other one, i pulled the letters out of my pocket.