CHAPTER 43 Voting Day

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"Night's cool


upon my skin

and a distant burning

in my soul."


It was another day and another juice and also Voting Day.

Our county provided a free service for people who are unable to physically get to the election polls. They literally come to your house with a ballot, which is like the coolest thing ever.

But first thing on the schedule was juice. Mom did her classic "I Refuse Anymore Juice" move. So Dad and I did countered with our "Wait For The Reset". Sure enough, given a few minutes or so, Mom drank the rest of her juice. Score!

I swear to fucking God I was going to figure the woman out. And by God, SHE WOULD HEAL IF I HAD TO DRAG HER EVERY FUCKING STEP OF THE WAY.

I started to notice Mom's hair was turning dark. She'd come back from the hospital and care facility looking horrible. She'd only been gone three weeks but she looked twenty years older when we finally got her back home. Despite the fact she wasn't eating much, the juices and nutritional supplements were pumping a lot of nutrition into her. If it hadn't been for the cancer stealing everything, Mom's health would be amazing.

We tempted her appetite every day with breakfast, lunch and dinner. We synced it up with our eating schedule so we didn't create more work for ourselves than we already had. Mom was responding, which was beyond exciting to see her want to eat.

Two women arrived in the late morning with a ballot for Mom. It was pretty neat the country provided the service. First they checked Mom's driver license with her voting registration, making sure she was who they had listed as a registered voter. Then they stood off to the side of the living room, supervising that everything was on the up and up, while giving my Parents a certain amount of privacy. Dad conferred with Mom about the election choices and helped her fill out the ballot.

They gave her a sticker that said, "I Voted!"

I grabbed my camera for the photo opportunity, Mom proudly showing off her sticker. By the time the ladies left, it was time for Mom's mid morning nap.

Sometimes I wondered if it was all a game for Mom. Like somewhere she was standing on the sidelines watching Dad and I get our asses kicked on the playing field. She was making her moves and watching our counter moves. On and on every fucking day. Sometimes I wondered if she even cared about what we were doing for her at all.



Drinking her healing!

Days Juicing: 52

I should point out, Mom is under the care of two Doctors, one M.D. (Internal Medicine & Pulmonologist) and one Chiropractor (Applied Kinesiology/Outside-Box-Healer).

It took us a while to find the right M.D. who would support our decision to not do chemo, be open to us doing these juices, and not want to pump her up full of prescription medications (she is currently only taking nutritional supplements).

She has blood work done every couple weeks, sees the M.D. every month now (used to be every 2wks), and our Chiropractor every 2wks.

We're also using the book "Super Immunity" by Joel Fuhrman as a guide.

The M.D. is very pleased with the results he's seeing in her blood. But he wants us to go back to the Neurologist & Oncologist for additional tracking of how Mom's doing.

Juice Day 52

2 cups wild arugula

1 pomegranate

2 apples

5 carrots

4 collard green leaves

4 napa cabbage leaves

1 tablespoon ginger root

3 beet leaves

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