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adelaide felt numb. her insides were ripping up as the previous events replayed in her mind.
it was like a horrible song that was stuck on repeat, and the stupid stereo broke so it wouldn't shut up.

"sweetheart, your parents were involved in a car crash."
her aunts voice was too sweet, shaky vocal chords that gave away the utter pain and tragedy that slammed into adelaide like a brick wall.
"but they're okay, right?"

they had to be okay.
she needed them to be okay.

her silent prayers went unanswered and the two people adelaide had left were pulled from the horrid reality of the world and taken to a better place.

"they're in a better place.."

"they're in a better place.."

adelaide repeated those words like a mantra, trying to convince herself that escaping the universe was better than being stuck to live in it like she was.

sophia was the first to find out.
a shrill ring of the telephone at one in the morning on a rainy tuesday night awoke the sleeping redhead.

she was greeted with mumbles and sobs, only deciphering the most important part.

"m-my parents..they are dead."

shit hurt when it happened to you, being directly effected by tragedy totally sucked.
but being stuck wondering why your best friend wasn't your best friend anymore, and not knowing how to comfort them, that was the worst pain imaginable.

sophia knew that she had to tell the rest of the group.
adelaide didn't know what to expect, especially from him.
from wyatt.

they hadn't talked for over three months, adelaide gave up hope on being able to feel something for him again. her emotions were wiped clean and replaced with utter hatred towards the curly haired boy.
she needed him. he wasn't there.

moving to california was never an ideal place for adelaide, but it was her only option.
her aunt and uncle owned a cozy house in a small town right outside of los angeles, about a thirty minute drive from the bustling city.

her friends live there. she was so close to the people she needed most, but her brain couldn't realize that.

all adelaide could really think about was living without a mom or dad.
who was going to walk her down the aisle?
who was going to watch her children when she wanted to go on a vacation?

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