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Jack P.O.V

Jack had no idea what he was doing but holy fuck he didn't want to stop.

Mark let out a surprised noise which disappeared into Jack's mouth as he leaned further into the kiss and wrapped a hand around the back of the other boy's neck to try and get him closer. In his addled mind Jack couldn't even seem to take into account the fact that Mark wasn't moving and instead moved even closer to the other boy, his eyes sliding shut.

For a few seconds Mark just sat there, awkwardly still with his hands by his side like a stone statue, obviously unsure of what to do. Jack began to pull away, finally realizing something was wrong but suddenly Mark grabbed a handful of his shirt, dragging him back into the amazing feeling of soft lips and rough stubble against his skin.

Despite Mark's ridged posture the kiss was weirdly relaxed, the green haired boy slowly and almost lazily bringing his other hand from where it rested on the bed to run up Mark's side and card gently through his thick black hair drawing a quiet noise of surprise from the other boy. Jack could feel the slight buzz from the alcohol he'd drank making him lightheaded.

Jack couldn't breathe but he didn't want to come up for air and face the sharp, cold slap of reality. He just wanted to stay here, with Mark, where his insides felt all cottony and the blissful feeling of calm that wrapped itself around Jack like a blanket, all that fuzzy cliché crap that girls love to gush over in romantic novels. And fuck if he had to die from lack of oxygen to stay in this warm cocoon of safety, then Jack was more than willing to do so.

Sadly he didn't get the opportunity to put his plan into action as there was a deafening crash from downstairs followed by a bout of angry shouting that startled the two apart. Jack's eyes snapped open in shock and he took in the sight of Mark's flustered expression. Jack felt his heart shatter as soon as he saw the wide eyed look of unbridled fear in the other boy's eyes.

It was like someone had emptied a bucket full of ice cold water on his head.

Everything was suddenly crashing down on Jack's shoulders as he finally realized just what the fuck was happening and remembered all the reasons why it shouldn't. For one thing he was absolutely certain he wasn't fucking gay, for another, this was Mark, his friend. What in the name of god was he thinking?! You don't kiss your friends! Especially your male friends!

This was fucking disgusting. He was a complete and utter fucking idiot, and do you want to hear the best part?

He wanted to do it again.

Jack wanted nothing more than to lean in and press his mouth to Mark's all over again and forget about the consequences for his actions. He wanted to feel like no one would hurt him ever again, like he could be himself and no one would judge him for it. He wanted it more than anything and he didn't care how fleeting the feeling was. It was like an addiction. He didn't just want it, he needed it.

Mark's face was bright red and the Irishman couldn't help but feel his heart melt as the other boy shoved him away roughly, a look of horror on his face as he wiped his mouth furiously with his sleeve. "W-what the fuck was that?" Mark gasped, shifting further away from the green haired boy and making him feel even worse the guilt eating away at him from the inside out.

The sound of feet pounding up the stairs rivalled with Jack's racing heart as he sat completely frozen in place, lost for words. He wanted to say something though; he wanted to apologize for being the absolute piece of shit he was but when he opened his mouth nothing came out.

The door to his bedroom slammed open to reveal Jason in all his thick, greasy glory, who didn't hesitate to storm into the room, anger burning in his eyes and his fists clenched tightly.

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