Chapter 8

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I wake up to the door bell ringing. I go downstairs and answer it. I open the door. "Can I help you?" I ask.

He nods. "Is Jake here?" I nod and turn around, but I'm stopped when I feel a cloth go to my mouth.

I scream but I doubt anyone can here me. "Breath in," he says.

I shake my head and he slaps me. I inhale to scream and everything gets fuzzy.

My body falls limp as he drags me to the car.

I wake up and go downstairs. The door is open so I step out to make sure no one is hiding.

I shut the door and lock it and head into the kitchen. I start making breakfast. "Ingrid!!! Come eat!!" I holler from downstairs.

Their's no response so I call her name again. Maybe she's in the shower? I go upstairs and open her door.

She's not in bed and her shower isn't running. "Ingrid are you in here?"

There is still no response so I call her phone.  Her phone vibrates from the nightstand. Crap.

I run downstairs and call the gang. 30 minutes later they arrive and I explain the situation.

I wake up and I look at my surroundings before getting out of bed. All I remember is someone ringing the door bell, answering it, and calling for Jake.

I shoot out of bed and run to the closest door. It's locked. I bang my fists on the door and it swings open knocking me down.

I scream. "Let me go!!" The man glares and kicks me in the stomach. I scream and clutch my stomach and try to catch my breath.

He drags me by my hair and puts me in a chair. He picks a knife up and slashes my thigh, pushing his fingers inside my wound at the same time.

I scream and start crying.

Jake....please find me.

(So what did you guys think of this chapter? I need a name for the gang that kidnapped Ingrid so if you have any good ones please feel free to let me know. And I need a name for the kidnapper so if you want to help pick out a name for him too please do!! Have a nice day!!)

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