About Friday

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On Friday,
exactly a week after
the messed up double date,
Seth pulls me aside
in the hallway
on my way to lunch.
Like Natalia, he
hasn't talked to me much
since last week, though
that's mostly because
we rarely see each other,
considering he's a grade
ahead of me
and we don't share
any classes.
So I guess it's
a bit of a surprise when
he approaches me and
says rather bluntly,
"Come sit with us
at lunch today."

It was abrupt enough
for me to stop and stare,
frowning in confusion.
I ask after a second.
"Sit with who?"
My first thought is
his football friends -
and that just makes my
heart do nervous jumps
in my chest.
It's hard enough
meeting new people gradually,
let alone being thrown in with
a huge group of them
all of a sudden.

But I'm wrong
on that count,
I soon find.
"Natalia and I,"
Seth says impatiently,
as if it was
a completely obvious answer
that I should have
understood earlier.
"We need to
fix things between
the three of us, or else
she's going to keep
whining about that stupid date
for the rest of the year."

He's not wrong -
it has gotten rather annoying
that whenever I see her,
Natalia either goes off
about how Seth had
gone and ruined her night,
or just ignores me completely
for being in on it
with him.
Why she can't just
forgive and forget,
I'll never know.

But for whatever reason,
I don't really want
to talk to Natalia, not after
the realization I'd had
earlier this week.
What's the point in
making up with her if
she wasn't even really
my friend in the first place?
I'm not about to
let her pretend with me
for any longer, even if
I really do want a friend -
even if I really want
her as a friend.

I don't have a choice, though,
because Seth soon
drags me off towards
the lunch room, leaving
no room for protests.
We find an empty table
fairly easily -
our lunch period is one
of the smaller groups,
and there are usually
at least a few tables
left vacant.
Like the table I had
been sitting at
at the beginning of the year,
students tend to sit
in large groups, and
therefore occupy less tables.

Seth excuses himself to
buy his lunch after
I've seated myself at the table.
As always,
I've packed my lunch -
today it's a ham sandwich
and a small container
of blueberries.
I'm just about to
take a bite out of said sandwich
when something claps down
on my shoulder
and nearly makes me
drop it in my lap.
As it is, I
end up making
some kind of surprised noise
that sounds like it came
from a mouse.

calm down,"
Natalia laughs,
looking as calm and collected
as she always does.
"It's just me."

I can't help the
embarrassed heat that
rises to my cheeks;
hurriedly, I look away
before she can see it.
I'm sure that doesn't
fool her at all,
but it's better than
looking at her for any longer
and risking becoming
even more flustered.
I don't exactly
understand my reaction,
considering how she's treated me,
but I still can't help it.

oblivious as ever,
takes a seat right across from me
and just looks at me,
as if she's waiting
for something.
It makes me
more than a little uncomfortable.
she starts when
I make no move to
say anything,
"what's up?
Tyler said that
you needed to talk to me -
I don't know why you
asked him to tell me,
but whatever-"

Seth chooses that moment
to make his reappearance,
saving me from having
to break it to Natalia
that I have no idea
what she's on about.
She cuts off with
a surprisingly harsh glare
in his direction -
I hadn't realized that
she was that mad at him.

Seth doesn't seem
to notice, though.
he sighs as he
sets his lunch tray down.
"We're all here.
I guess that dimwit
boyfriend of yours is
good for something, after all."

"I don't want to
talk to you,"
Natalia snaps out,
"not after you ruined
our double date -
and made Tyler lie
to me now, too.
Tell him, Matty.
Tell him to
go away."

Again, that
prickling feeling of
mistrust and unsurness
fills my stomach,
a reminder that
there is a great possibility
that Natalia could just
be using me.
So I don't say anything,
and instead let Seth
fill in for me.
"We need to
talk to you,"
he tells her.
"Both of us -
it's about Friday.
And don't you even think
of walking away,"
he adds as she
moves to stand up
from the table.
"Running away from this
won't solve anything."

She narrows her eyes
in his direction
but just huffs,
settling down in
her seat once again
and folding her arms
across her chest.
she grunts.
But you'd better
make this quick.
I still don't want
to talk to you,
not after you were such
a jerk to me."

Seth opens his mouth
as if to protest -
but I step in
before this all can get
too far out of hand.
"Calm down,"
I tell them both,
"or else none of this
will work out.
Just stop arguing,

"What she said,"
Seth puts in,
earning an eye roll
from the blonde across from us.
"Come on, Nat,
I'm trying to
apologize, here.
Isn't that what you wanted?"

she repeats with
a long, exaggerated sigh -
but this time, she doesn't
say anything more than,
Let's have it, then,


To be continued tomorrow... Aka this scene got too long for one part, whoops.

Seth and Nat are honestly the kinds of people who would never get along (this kind of proves it), but I love how Matty inadvertently kind of brings them together. I'm all about weird character dynamics, and this is no different.

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