Ch. 11 Saved

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Hatori stepped inside the school where Yuki and Kyo attend. He held a child's hand looking around seeing the school decorated with different colored streamers, balloons, posters, and food stands. The child next to Hatori jumped in joy pulling his arm. 

" Momiji...."

Momiji stopped looking up at Hatori with big golden brown eyes. 

" Don't get into trouble...." Hatori looked down at him.

Momiji smiled brightly. 

" I won't!" He twirled around. " Let's go and see Kyo-chan and Yuki-chan!" He jumped up and down which caused the students to look at him with awe thinking he's adorable. 

Hatori sighed. 

He walked with Momiji as the school begins to be crowded with people since the Cultural festival has begun. Atsuko smiled seeing guest arriving into her classroom watching Yuki and Kyo guiding them to a table taking their order. 

" Hey Atsuko!" 

Atsuko turned seeing the class president waving at her to come forward. She walked towards the class president who told her to go around the school passing flyers, so they can have people come to their station. 

" M-M-Me?" Atsuko blinked looking surprised. 

The class president stayed quiet and turned to Kyo calling out to him. Kyo walked towards them looking annoyed hating how he has to tend people and wear this silly get up which is a waiter outfit. 

" Kyo, you are going to pass flyers around the school with Atsuko. That's okay with you right?" The class president asked. 

Kyo looked at Atsuko and then at the class president. 

" I don't got nothing much to do. I rather pass around flyers than tend to people" Kyo mumbled. " Let's go Atsuko" He grabs half of the flyers walking out of the classroom with Atsuko. 

Yuki was taking orders when he watched Kyo and Atsuko leaving the classroom together. He couldn't but feel a pang of jealously inside his heart. He looked away thinking that Atsuko and the cat has nothing between the two and that they are just friends.

Atsuko walked beside Kyo watching him pass flyers as girls blushed thinking that Kyo looks handsome wearing a waiter outfit. She looked away from him and decided to pass flyers on her side smiling at the people telling them to come to her booth and eat delicious rice balls made by her class. She walked passed Kyo giving out flyers and smiling at the people. 

" Please come to class 1-A!" Atsuko spoke up. 

Atsuko closed her eyes feeling happy walking backwards humming to herself passing flyers. 

Kyo slowly turned his head as his eyes widened. 

"!" Kyo gasped.

It was like time has slowly stopped watching Atsuko slip on a cloth falling backwards down the stairs. Kyo froze feeling like his legs are stuck to the ground as he reach his hand out to Atsuko when his eyes met with two familiar people. 

Momiji was counting the steps of the stairs heading to the second floor when he looks up seeing a figure falling down. His golden brown eyes widened knowing he has to do something or the person would get hurt. He looked back to see Hatori walking up the stairs behind him calling out his name which grabbed the man's attention. 

" Hatori-chan!" 

Hatori looked up hearing Momiji's voice which sounded scared when he sees a female figure falling back. Something inside him kicked in as he rushed forward not caring if his secret would be reveal as long as the other person is safe. 

Momiji witnessed Hatori catching the person into their arms but what surprised him is Hatori not transforming into his animal counterpart when he caught the girl. 

' That's the first....' He thought. 

Hatori looked down recognizing the necklace the girl is wearing to be Atsuko. He put her down when he heard voices above them. 

" Oi! Atsuko! You okay, that stupid rat is going to kill me" 

Hatori looked seeing Kyo running down the stairs standing in front of Atsuko putting his hands on her. He stayed quiet observing Kyo shaking the girl and pulling her into his arms. He looked intrigued when he didn't see Kyo transformed into his animal form. 

" Kyo-chan!" 

Kyo looked spotting Momiji and groaned. 

" What are you doing here!" Kyo snapped. 

" Waah! Kyo is being a big meanie!" Momiji cried and decided to hug Atsuko but felt slightly disappointed on not transforming into a bunny. 

" should be careful" Hatori gave the boy a soft stern stare. 

Momiji frowned. 

Atsuko looked down at Momiji and smiled. 

" It's okay" She turned to look at Hatori. " Thank you for saving me....Hatori-san" She nodded at the older man. 

Hatori carefully eyed Atsuko and nodded. He turned to look at Kyo asking where Yuki is at which Kyo responded that Yuki is being bossed around. 

Atsuko shook her head and laugh explaining to Hatori that Yuki is a waiter and taking people's order. She smiled brightly getting an idea. 

" Why don't you two come with us to class! I know Yuki would be happy to see you" Atsuko smiled brightly. 

Hatori couldn't help but say yes to the young girl in front of him. Her smile reminded him of someone that he knew a long time ago. 

" Of course...." He nodded. 

" Yay!" Momiji smiled brightly taking Atsuko's hand. " What kind of rice balls did you guys make?" He asked walking with Atsuko. 

Hatori watches them walk away. 

" Kyo....what is her name?"

Kyo glanced at Hatori looking confused. 

" That's Atsuko Chouko" He blinked. 

Hatori hummed nodding his head. 

' Chouko......that girl's last name......not a lot of people have that last name.....because she told me. Who exactly is this girl? And how come, a male Zodiac member can't transform when around her' He thought. 

Hatori decided to study Atsuko closer having a strange feeling about the young girl that has the same last name as the woman he knew long ago as well the same necklace she use to worn. He couldn't help but feel like he knows the girl which intrigues him. 

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