Character Interviews!

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Hi guys! So I asked a while ago for some questions for these assholes, and y'all sent some fab ones in! So here you are, I present the idiots of Camp Turn It Up; Um, so I have them all here with me, tied to a chair because they're really disobedient and refuse to sit where they're meant to sit. But anyway.. Enjoy guys!

Me: So, say hi to the wall everyone!

May: What the hell dude, who even are you?

Me: *Growls* Say hi to the wall Esme!

May: Right, geez chill. Hi, wally?

Chase: Yeah.. Hello Mr Wall..

Caleb: Hi everyone!

Melissa: Everyone?

Shannon: Ignore him Melissa he's an idiot.

Shane: This is so stupid.

Josh: I second that..

Jessica: Why am I even tied to this chair in front of a wall with all you freaks?

May: Hell if I know!

Keara: Oh my god hi!



1 (Most frequently asked question fyi): Chase, why did it take you so long to ask May out?!

Chase: Because May scares me? Joking, but for real..I was scared that I would scare her off. She's always so independent, I didn't think she wanted or needed me, that maybe I was just along for the ride. But after.. I left her, I realized that she needed me as much as I needed her.

2: Chase, describe Keara in four words.

Chase: Wishes. She. Was. May. That's the best I can do, four words are pretty impossible to describe that one.

3: Anyone really, how do you always know the lyrics to the songs being sang?!

Shannon: I'll take this one. You see, we all share this amazing ability-

Caleb: Speak for yourself, half the time I have to pretend to sing along, and act like I know what they're singing...

Chase: I believe that I have that amazing ability Shannon mentioned!

May: Guys, guys. We're awesome. That's all there is to say.

4: May, what was your favorite prank that you pulled?

May: Probably the 'bucket full of Cinders' one. I got onto the front page of a magazine! The front page! And I guess I ended up meeting all these weirdo's in the meantime, but come on, the front page!

5: May, what song do you hate the most?

May: This question could get me into a lot of trouble.. I guess I hate songs that everyone hypes up so much, then you come home from school and listen to it, and just be like... Is that it? I suppose I don't really like pillow talks, because everyone got so worked up over it and it wasn't even that great. Zayn's an amazing singer, but I don't think that song showed much of it... No! I've decided. I hate 'baby' by Justin Bieber most. THERE'S ONLY A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF BABY'S A PERSON CAN TAKE. Don't get me started on Katy Perry's new song. Her harmony was terrible in it jesus..

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