Expect The Unexpected

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Quick as a flash I grabbed onto Jared’s hand to both calm him and prevent him from ripping into Aiden’s throat. I saw my aunt doing the same thing with uncle John. As much as I wanted Aiden to get what he deserves, I couldn’t risk hurting my sister and letting her know what Aiden was to me. She was innocent in this whole situation and I knew in my heart if I had told her Aiden was my mate, no matter how much she loved him, she would let him go. It would break her heart to do so, and that’s the last thing I wanted.

“Hello Aiden.” I said with as straight a face as possible with my heart practically pounding out of my chest due to our close proximity. It has been a long time since my wolf has been this close to our first mate and she was fighting to get closer, especially after the heartache she suffered today. I wouldn’t allow it. She may have forgotten what he did to us because all she wants is to have her mate, but I haven’t and don’t plan on ever forgetting it.

Megan rushed to give Jared a hug which he returned still glaring at Aiden. “Aiden honey, this is our one and only cousin Jared.” she said facing him with a smile on her face. I took this moment to examine my sister. She was glowing, not in that pregnant way because it wasn’t possible, but in a generally happy way. As much as I hated Aiden, I was glad to know that at least he could make one of the Evans’ sister’s happy. 

Aiden reached out to shake Jared’s hand and after a discreet nudge from me Jared accepted it gripping a little tighter than necessary.  Aiden to raised a brow, then glanced at me understanding immediately that Jared knew the truth about us. 

Sensing the unspoken tension In the room, my peacemaker of an aunt suggested we go out to dinner since she was unprepared to cook a nice meal for our guests. Everyone disbanded and I made my escape to my room. As I passed the first guest room at the top of the stairs, I noticed Megan and Aiden’s things there and I said a silent thank you to my aunt for setting them up in the room farthest from me.

Once in my room I locked the door, not sure if it was to keep me in or Aiden out, that’s how mixed up my emotions were right now. I headed to the shower to hopefully calm my nerves. I scrubbed myself with my milk and honey body wash and washed my hair with vanilla scented shampoo. Feeling like myself again when done, I quickly dried my hair and went to my closet to find something to wear. I wasn’t trying to impress Aiden, but I did want to look nice so I settled on a black strapless dress that hugged my breasts, making sure to show just a hint of cleavage, it was difficult being the size C that I was. The dress flowed out from under my breasts ending just at my knees. It had the right amount of coverage with a hint of what was underneath. I threw on some red heels for color, a long red beaded necklace with matching bracelet and earrings, glossed my lips, fluffed my hair and went to meet up with the rest of my family.

They were waiting by the door having just finished getting ready as well. My sister looked nice in a blue off the shoulder dress that made her blue eyes sparkle, she got those from my dad, and had her blonde hair up in a twist. When she saw me she gushed about how pretty I looked and turned to Aiden, “Doesn’t my baby sister look beautiful honey?” Aiden was dressed in black dress pants and a gray long sleeve button up shirt.  His hair was still a little damp from his shower.

I had to hide a cringe at my sisters use of a pet name for my mate and was shocked when he replied, “Stunning.” not so much because of his choice of words but it was the intense look in his eyes as he said it. Feeling a little uncomfortable, I looked for my safety blanket, Jared, and saw that he noticed the same look as I did. The anger in his eyes suggested he didn’t like it one bit.

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