1. The Break

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The gems have been working nonstop on the drill for several days. That is why peridot seems surprised to see them laying in the field. "Shouldn't we be working on the drill?" She asks. She still isn't completely sure why she is helping. Doing this is defying her diamond's orders, and she shouldn't be a traitor. She shouldn't be different. She'd get shattered. Deep down though, she knows the planet is beautiful, and she thinks most of the beauty lays within the life living on it. As she is thinking about it, Steven looks up and chuckles.

"We're taking a break! You guys have been working so hard, and you all deserve it! Especially you Peri!" Steven beams, as he strums his Ukulele.

     "But we- The Cluster-" she looks at how relaxed they all look, at Steven strumming the instrument, and she gives a small smile. She nods, accepting it. "I guess we can stop for a short period of time," she sits down next to Steven, and he looks up from the ukulele smiling at her.

     "Hey guys, do you wanna hear a song I've been working on?" Steven asks Peridot and the gems. Everyone nods expect for her. She looks confused.

     "Song?" she looks at Steven questionably. "What is that?"

     "Well, it's sort of a... When you... Noises in a... How about I just show you," He says, after trying to explain it.

     Peridot nods. "Carry on with this... Song. I am curious as to what it is,"

     He looks back down at the ukulele, placing his fingers on the neck, as he begins to strum out patterns of chords. This seams to relax Peridot, and almost put her in a trance. The introduction concludes, and Steven continues playing as he sings along:

"So many of you in Homeworld.
You don't always understand...
That you're different than the others,
All those copies there are on hand
That you're not just another leaf
From the same old maple tree.
That you're  you,
That you're  you.
Be you with me..."

"You're special, I can feel it.
With every word you speak.
You're different than the others
You're not similar or bleak.
You're original, you're new.
You should always act like you.
Stay you
Stay you
We love you as you,"

"You'll always be my friend,
So do not be afraid
To act different than the others
In this planet's nice cool shade.
I'll be here to guide you
Through the thick and the thin
To help you face the troubles
That you might be in,"

"just remember, you're better
You'll never be the same
as those back at your home
that are playing that diamond game
Just keep being you,
Stay with us and then you'll see,
It's OK to be different.
It's OK to be free.
It's OK to be different.
It's OK to be you with me,"

The Gems applaud the song, and Peridot copies their action. She then shudders as she starts to think, was that "song" about her?

This chapter was a small test... I would like to start this Stevidot Fanfic. Would you guys actually like me to continue this? Please let me know in the comments. If I continue, the chapters will be longer, and better quality, I promise. Do you like the song lyrics? Do you like the concept? Tell me. I will hopefully see you in another chapter

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