part 2(Will you Marry Manik )

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Manik dad

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Manik dad

What do you mean sir, I didn't get you ? She asked him with full confused face..!!

Will you marry manik..!!

She was shocked with his question, raj malhotra the millionaire a cross the country is asking her to marry his son, what did he saw in her that he want her be his daughter in law.

Nandini, what happend ? Tell me will you marry my son ? He asked her again.

Sir, why you want me to marry your son. You very well know him he is a playboy, and more over he doesn't like me, we always on each other neck..!! When she completed raj just smiled.

Look nandini I know he is playboy, I know he spend night with girls, but you know how he become like that..!! He continued telling her and she was listing him carefully.

One day me and manik have to go pune for some work for 2 days. Neyonika my wife said that she have some important work so she can't come, we went to pune my meeting completed early, and next day it was neyonika birthday, so we thought to suprise her, when we reached home and it was 12 am so without making any noise we reached my bedroom, when I opened the door, what we saw made me shock to the core, she making out with manik friend in our bedroom.

Manik was 17 years when this incident happened, I can't see him broken so I send him to US for studies , after that manik became like that he think that every women is same.

I know if any one can change him, its you nandini please don't say no. Please help me to get my son back. I beg you..!! he was joining his hands in front of her.

Nandini immediately got up from her place and said, sir please aap mujh se bade ho, don't talk like that..!! Sir kya manik sir will he agree for this..!! She asked him being confused..!!

Nandini don't worry about him, he will agree..!! I want to know your decision, are you ready for this..!!

She took a deep breath and said, I have no problem with this, I am ready to marry manik sir..!! She said.

Thank you so much beta, you don't know want happiness you gave me today..!! He said.


Fab 5 where sitting near pool side and chilling..!! Raj came there and said, hello bacha party's...!! I have something important to discuss with you guys..!!

Yes, dad tell us what is important, said manik going towards him.

First you guys dress up and come to living room I will be waiting there..!! He said looking at all.

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