One-Shot Competition

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I've been doing some thinking about what I can do, to keep you guys involved in my writing process while I'm trying to get published. While I can't update, and a new story is a little difficult considering my time scheduling at the minute, I can do something which has been highly requested since August 2013 (the start of TBBSMB). A one shot competition.

Because, why not?

For those who don't know, a 'one-shot' means one chapter which you write. Your one chapter could be a prologue, an alternative ending, a spin off with another characters POV, a stand-alone chapter or whatever else you can think of. Anything you want- be creative!

I am going to be holding a one shot competition for all three of my stories. You can submit to one, two or all three competitions. It's up to you! You are permitted to use my characters, my settings, my lines- anything you need, so long as it is tagged with the hashtags (which I will write below) so that I know you have been allowed to do so for the competition. Please make sure that ALL work is original, something you wrote. This is your time to stand out.

The deadline for all three competitions will be in a months' time exactly: the 5th of August. I will announce the winners two weeks after that deadline. You are allowed to write one chapter, no more, but this chapter can be as long as you would like. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to all of the separate competitions, with prizes.

Third place: A follow, a shoutout of one book

Second place: A follow, a shoutout of one book and a review of the first chapter of your book

First place: A follow, a shoutout, a read and review of one book and a piece of graphic art.

All one-shots will be added into a reading list I have created for my profile. This way, people will read your work, and you will know that I have definitely seen it and it is under consideration. If you don't tag your work with the hashtags, I won't see it. If I haven't seen it; your work will not be in the reading list and you can email me here: to let me know that I need to add it.

The Hashtags:




For anyone who doesn't know how to add a tag, here's some instructions:

The primary place to contact me with questions about this is my email and I should reply quickly. My message box is a little crammed at the minute, so please don't message me there.

Good luck my loves, and I cannot WAIT to read your entries.

Lauren xo

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