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"Stage crew to your positions! Dress the actors up!" the drama club's teacher ordered.

The sound of shuffling feet behind the stage echoed through your ear. The busy shouts and movements were pure joy to you. Even though you were not participating in this play, you were just as excited as the people who would perform.

You skimmed the situation from a corner and drove your head into the script, reading it over for the 43rd time. Being the understudy for the main role, you can only imagine being in stage. After all, who would miss out on being the main position?

"Umm... Sensei. We have a problem," a voice said shakily, as your ears perked, accidentally overhearing the conversation, "Aki-chan isn't here."

From the crowd, a voice yelled, "Aki-san called in sick today!"

"Ugh! Dammit! But she's the lead!" The teacher sounded frustrated brushing his fingers through his hair. "Do we have a replacement?" He asked with a bit of hope mixed into his voice.

The girl who delivered the news tilted her head, as if remembering something. "Oh! I think we have an understudy?"


"It's (Last name)-san."

"(Last name)!" the booming voice called.

"Yes?" You answered, jumping slightly in surprise.

"Can you take over Aki's role?" He then noticed the script laying on you lap, "Perfect, you read over the script."

You sat there, staring into the teacher's gray orbs. You were never given a lead position before.


The teacher's voice shook you back to reality. It was a chance that you've yearned for. "Yes! I will try my best!" You replied, excited.

The teacher grinned and gave you a hearty slap on the back, "Great!"

With that, the backstage crew dressed you up, put on make up, and you were ready.

The curtain crew announced, "First scene due in 20 minutes!"

As the backstage grew quieter, the loud whispers of the audience was audible. Soon, the theater turned dark, and the mumbles and whispers soothed out.

Okay let's go!

As the curtain opened,
you walked out.
You bathed in the spotlight.
The anxious butterflies
were no longer there.
Because right now,
you are not (First name),
but (Role name).


Final scene...

"Mistress..." the maid role said, "Words have come that.... Master... has died on the battle field."

"I... Understand." You acted in a shaky voice. "You may be dismissed."

The maid left the scene and you slowly walked over to the window prop. You stared out and a single tear rolled down you eye. "Leo..." You cried.

The lights faded off and the audience cheered and clapped. You smiled. After all, that was the greatest stage experience ever.


— before the play —

"Hey Ryuu!! Captain said there's no practice today! Let's go watch the drama club's play!" Nishinoya squealed.

"Why? We've still got our managers to protect!" the buzz-cut defied.

The Libero slyly said, "I heard there's lot of girls in the play, and cute ones at that."

The wing-spiker hesitated, "Maybe, going once won't hurt?"

"Then it's settled! Let's go!" #4 practically dragged his friend to the theater.


"Oh no..." Nishinoya mumbled, "I'm gonna cry."

He stared at her in awe—she, who was able to manipulate the audiences heart so easily. Whether it was cracking a smile or making them well tears—she succeeded at both.

He energetically applauded after the ending, while sniffling back tears.

"You look like a baby who got his popsicle taken away." Tanaka snickered.

"No I do not!" Nishinoya whisper-yelled.

"Now for the cast!" A voice boomed over head on the speakers.

The spikey-haired quickly turned his head and attention towards the stage. He watched her elegantly walk out as the voice announced:

"Main female, role of (Role name) played by first year, (Last name) (First name)."

The voice continued, "Main male..." But the Libero was not listening.

"So it's (Last name), huh..." the Libero dazed.

"Ora ora ora... Fallen for her or something?" the Libero's friend smirked, "Then I get Kiyoko-san all to myself!"

"What? No fair!"


Well! That's all for this chapter! How was it? I know it's kinda boring right now but please bear with it! I have tons of ideas, still being figured out.

As I write, I'm starting to find out I really really love Noya... Ahh... Such a sweet cinnamon roll... Why can't you be real? *cries*

I wrote this 5 in the morning... Whew! I'm gonna die now... Hahaha...

Just kidding! I'll try to update as soon as I can! Thanks for reading!


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