Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Nicole looked carefully at the ropes which tied Ciara to a chair. She couldn't help the cruel grin that spread across her face even as she decided that she was tired of waiting for the interloper to wake by herself. She took a pail of water and threw it on Ciara's head and watched as Ciara's entire body was drenched with the water that she had made sure was icy cold.

She smiled as Ciara sputtered awake. "Are you completely awake yet or do you need another pail?"

"Nicole?" Ciara's voice was questioning.

"Yes it's me Nicole. The person you tried to cheat." Nicole said.

"Cheat?" Ciara asked in a bewildered tone, infuriating Nicole who decided that Ciara wasn't awake enough if she kept asking one word questions.

Without another word, she moved closer to Ciara and reached for her hair before she pulled, she was delighted to hear Ciara's scream of pain.

"Nicole, why are you doing this?" Ciara asked in a voice strangled with pain.

"Are you ready to know why, interloper?" Nicole released her hold on Ciara's hair at that question. Ciara was now wide awake.

"Yes." Ciara answered.

"It's simple really. It's because of Prince Andrew." Nicole said.

"Drew? What has he got to do with this?" Ciara asked with a surprised gasp.

"Drew? What has he got to do with this?!" Nicole mocked Ciara in a chicken voice before she yelled in a slightly loud voice. "He has everything to do with this!"

"You! You came from nowhere! In fact worse than me, you came in as a sacrifice to the coven but almost immediately Queen Meredith was willing to take you as her daughter just because your mother is Adrianne Gray. As if that was not enough...I mean I could live with you being Queen Meredith's surrogate daughter, I could manage to forget that you bypassed me because I was the closest thing to what anyone would call a surrogate daughter to Queen Meredith." Nicole paused to catch her breath.

"But then, I was given the responsibility of caring for you, a nobody. I couldn't stand it at first till that day that Prince Andrew yelled at you. I was so glad that he hated you because he had always been so indifferent to me even though I've always wanted him. But then you charmed him. You used only the gods know what secret power to charm Prince Andrew who has never really liked a girl in the coven and now he likes you over me. And that's why you must pay for it. I can't allow you to become a vampire when you can lord it over me forever that you got my man." Nicole said and smiled even as she tightened her hold on Ciara's hair.

"You might not die today but you'll die soon because I've brought you to the man who killed your mother and your father. The same man that your mother hid you away from. The same man who hated your father from stealing your mother from him." Nicole's grin was wide.

"That's enough, Nicole." A man's voice said firmly.

Nicole looked to the open door of the empty room which Ciara had been designated to. Bevin stood there standing like the fae royalty that he was and she knew that if she wasn't in love with Prince Andrew, she would have really like him with his long golden hair flowing down his shoulders and his two-colored eyes. One, silver-blue like Ciara's eyes and the other the ruby color that identified all fae royals. He was truly handsome but she knew his heart belonged to Ciara's mother.

Nicole smiled pleasantly, "Bevin, are you going to kill her now because I'd like to watch."

"Shouldn't you be on your way home? You know they could have been alerted to the fact that you stole the girl from right under their noses." Bevin said.

"Of course not, I teleported into her room and out with the orbs you gave me, they would never suspect a thing." Nicole said.

"Well you're in for a shock because I think they already know, so go." Bevin said with a wry grin.

"Do they know that I'm missing yet?" Nicole asked and Bevin watched as fear entered her eyes.

He was glad to see that fear in her eyes. She had kidnapped Adrianne's daughter for him because she was consumed by jealousy. He didn't need her anymore now so she could go back to the vampires. They already knew she was the only one missing in the coven and would deal with her accordingly. They would be unable to get any information about him or Ciara's whereabouts so he was fairly safe.

"I doubt it. Why don't you go now?" Bevin threw an orb of teleportation at her and she immediately disappeared into the bright light the orb emanated. He smiled because he knew she'd land in the throne room of the coven and he couldn't wait to hear of her death from his second spy in the coven.

"Well, Ciara, it's a great pleasure to meet you. Has anyone ever told you, you look just like your mother. In fact, all one needs to do is change your hair color to black and voila, you are your mother's spitting image." Bevin said in as nice and cheery a voice as he could summon for the child.

To Bevin, She looked just like a child with that compact figure of hers which so resembled that of her mother's even though Adrianne was much more taller than her. He looked beyond that because he could now have someone to replace his Adrianne and since this child was blind, she would be an easier Adrianne to control.

"What do you want from me?" The child asked and Bevin hadn't expected the will of steel behind that voice.

"What I want is quite simple. I want you to be your mother. Your hair will be dyed black and your name will be Adrianne. You'll be obedient and respectful to me. Anything I say, you'll do willingly..." Bevin was interrupted by the girl.

"Is there another option like you'll kill me because I'd rather die than do anything for my parents' murderer." The girl said.

Bevin was shocked but he quickly caught himself, "We'll see if you're saying the same thing after three days in this cold room with no food."

He was too shocked to be angry as he walked out of the room. The girl had surprised him and he was hardly surprised. He had never made a wrong judgment about someone's behavior. The only person whose behavior he hadn't been able to predict was Adrianne and he had always thought it was because she intrigued him but now he was seeing that it was her ability to shock him that intrigued him because he couldn't help being intrigued by the girl. But he'd wait to see if she'd stand her ground before he could decide if she was actually worth her salt just like her mother.

* * * * * * *

Drew was freaking out and he was so afraid of what could have happened to Ciara. He and his mother had forgotten that the coven had enemies and had been so lax with her security.

"My prince!" One of the guards who had gone round the coven searching for any missing coven member came in.

"Lady Nicole is missing." The guard, Henry said.

It took Drew thirty seconds to connect the name 'Nicole' to the girl whom his mother had given the responsibility of protecting Ciara.

Then in a flashback, he remembered all of her facial expression whenever he saw her and his mind immediately processed all those unidentified expressions: sadness, envy, jealousy, hatred, annoyance, irritation, etc. And he had no doubt that Nicole had been the one to kidnap Ciara.

He ran in a blur and it took him thirty seconds to get to the throne room which usually took him three minutes to walk to. "Mother, Nicole kidnapped Ciara."

"Are you sure?" His mother asked.

"I'm sure, I can't believe I allowed myself to dismiss it when I've been seeing her envy all over her face all this's my fault, I should have known." Drew had no one but himself to blame.

His mother's arm had just started patting his back in consolation when a flash of light appeared in the throne room. The figure slowly formed and as the face was almost formed, Drew knew who it was. He ran in a blur to the body that was still slightly corporeal with his hand stretched out to strangle her neck. There was no way that Nicole wouldn't die for what she'd done.

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