Damian threw a batarang at Harley Quinn pinning her to the wall. He walked over to her. "Where is the joker Harley",he yelled at her."don't know what ya talkin about bird boy,she laughed.and head butted him then kicked him.He hit her across the face"now tell me where the joker is or I'll pull off your pigtails and stuff them down your throat!",he shouted at her."jeez someone woke up on da wrong side of the bed this morning",she moaned. "THATS IT", he said. He just started punching her and punching..and punching. Nightwing swooped in and pulled robin away and sat down by the wall holding a very distraught robin for a moment robin tried to fight his was out of nightwings grasp but he wasn't able so he just sat there panting and at the brink of tears.Harley was now unconscious and her nose bleeding and her jaw broken. Nightwing just held him not knowing what to do.

After Harley had been taken to Arkham, nightwing headed back to the batcave with Damian. He hadn't spoken at all. When they got there Alfred was waiting to patch up Damian's knuckles and Damian's head which was bleeding He still said nothing.batman drove in and hoped out of the bat mobile and ran over to Damian. "What happened?". Bruce asked. Nightwing looked at Bruce and shook his head. Damian stared at the ground pretending they weren't there.

After Damian had gone to bed Bruce sat down with Alfred and dick to discuss things. "I found him beating Harley Quinn to a pulp when I grabbed him he just broke down  and I just held him I didn't know what else to do.",dick said looking concerned."Alfred did something happen in school today with Damian because Damian doesn't show that side to him unless something has happened.",Bruce asked. "Not that I know of anyway. "Maybe we should spend sometime together over the weekend that may take his mind off whatever is bothering him.",said Alfred."good idea Alfie because after what i saw tonight I'll be staying around to watch Damian"said dick."hmm I have to meet Clark in metropolis this Sunday I guess we could go there?,said Bruce.

Next morning Damian got up and got dressed and went down stairs for breakfast. Bruce sat drinking coffee and reading the newspaper and dick was on his phone texting starfire and Tim was revising for his exams and Alfred was making Damian's breakfast. "Damian I have to meet Clark in metropolis this Sunday do you want to come?",asked Bruce. He looked at his father. "You have got to be kidding me..",and Damian hit his head against the table"UGHHHH LOLA HAS THAT STUPID COMPETITION",he moaned. Bruce and the others looked each other not knowing how to react...."so are able to come?" Dick asked. "The competition is in metropolis",Damian moaned loader. "That's great we will all go to the competition before I meet Clark",Bruce suggested. Damian moaned even loader he hadn't planned on going to the competition at all

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