Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

“Time heals griefs and quarrels, for we change and are no longer the same person.”



            My past isn’t something I dwell on. It isn’t something I think about it when I lie awake at night. Rather, it’s something I avoid, something I try very hard to ignore and forget. I was seven when my pack was murdered, add post-traumatic stress to that young age, and my memory of the night is a bit hazy. Of course though, it’s not something that I’d actually like to remember. The memories I try to stay away from are of the days and months leading up to that fateful night. The moments I spent in my father’s warm embrace, the sound of my mother’s trickling laughter. I try to block out the memories of the warm summer days I spent with my friends down by the lake, the way my mother’s body flowed when she danced. I try to close myself off from all these memories. I may try, but it doesn’t always mean I succeed.

            “Hello, how may I help you?” The cheery voice of the woman working at the counter startled me out of my thoughts.

            “Oh, uhh just a coffee.” I murmured quietly, avoiding the gaze of her male co-worker who currently had his eyes running over my body. It was disgusting.

            The café was pretty empty considering how early it was so I had my choice of tables to sit at. I took my coffee and smiled politely at the girl who had now noticed her co-worker’s roaming eyes and shot me an envious look. I sighed quietly as I walked towards the back to take a seat. I didn’t get along with many people that weren’t werewolves. Human girls envied my looks and in turn avoided me, and human males focused too much on my appearance. Werewolves, though, were used to my looks, as we all possessed a certain beauty and undeniable charisma. While humans felt the urge to be around us, some were too intimidated by just our exterior to actually act on these urges. I sipped my drink as I opened my laptop and typed in the town of my new home.

            Mission Falls, Oregon. Home to a reasonable population. Known for its greenery and woodlands. Founded in 1832 by American settlers. Mission Falls seems just like any other town, I thought. I knew only two things about it before coming. They were known to have an amazing hockey team and it was also home to the Pacific Falls Pack. Although, humans only knew about the first one. With its territory spanning several states and fierce, well-trained fighters, the Pacific Falls Pack was one of the most well-known around.

            “I’m thrilled that he’s coming back soon. I’ve missed Danny so much, he’s been gone far too long.” I looked up to see a girl walking in chattering on her cell phone. She walked up to the counter and ordered quickly, still talking on her phone about “Danny’s” homecoming.

            I hadn’t realized I’d been studying her until she reeled around and looked at me. Her eyebrows raised in surprise and held my gaze. I could just barely make out hazel specks in her eyes and her lean limbs and undisputable attractiveness singled her out to be a werewolf as well. A second after my realization, her scent drifted over to me, confirming my thoughts. She looked me over carefully before smiling slightly.

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