Chapter 40

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Quick Note: Ive Changed Tanyra To Genesis... Just In Case Yall See Tanyra Instead Of Genesis... I Probably Havent Gotten Around To Make The Changes Yet.

(Gemini Pov)

What A Wonderful Morning I Thought As I Slowly Opened My Eyes And Rolled On My Sides To Take A Glance Out The Window...

But Then I Almost Caught A Heart Attack Instead Of The Rising Sun... I Meet Face With A Ugly Bear Thing And Holding It On The Bed In A Criss Cross Apple Sauce Position Was... Was... Damn I Forgot Her Name Aready But She Was Blocking My Sun... After All You Cant Blame Me Just Yet I Just Meant The Kids Yesterday...

"Im Hungry" She Said.

"Later" I Told Her. "Later..." I Repeated As I Turned My Head Away From Her To Go Back To Sleep

"Hey... Hey... Hey... Hey... Hey..." She Said Tapping Me Over And Over Again.

"Please Go To Your Room And Go To Sleep..." I Told Her Without Turning My Head.

"I Already Had Sleep" She Said.

"Well Sleep Again" I Told Her.

I Felt The Bed Move And Heard Her Small Feet Hit The Ground. So I Began To Drift Off To Sleep Thinking She Left The Room. But Then I Was Awoken Again By The Feeling Of The Bed Dipping Without End Over And Over Again.

Oh My Lord. She Was Jumping On My Bed And Screaming I Want Food... Im Hungry... Over And Over Again... Get Up... Im Hungry...

"What's Your Name Again?" I Asked Her As I Sat Up In My Bed.

"Guess" She Said.

"What Is It?" I Asked Her.

"Guess?" She Said Again.

"Chicken" I Said Chuckling At My Own Remark.

"Not Funny" She Said. "My Name Is Genesis" She Said As She Held Her I Dont Know What It Was. It Looked Like A Bear But It Had Bunny Ears And Features And A Rainbow Face Of All Sorts Of Colors... A Bear Bunny?

"Genesis..." I Said More To Myself.

I Peep Game... Thats Dope Honestly... Real Cute.

"Genesis" I Repeated.

"Yes" She Said.

"Please Can I Get 5 More Minutes Of Sleep?" I Asked Genesis. I Dont Know Why I Asked Her But With Kids These Days You Have To Asked For Permission Sometimes To Keep From Having A War With Them.

"5 Minutes?" She Asked.

"Yes 5 Minutes.." I Said Looking At The Clock. "Its 8:40 Right Now... At Um 12:40 That'll Be 5 Minutes" I Told Her.

"No" She Said.

"How You Know?" I Asked Her.

"Because I Can Count" She Said. "If Its 8:4 And 0 Then 5 Minutes Would Be 8: 4 And 5" She Said. "But Its Okay I'll Make Food By Myself" She Said Stomping... Well Her Feet Is Too Little.... So She Basically Walked Out Huffing And Puffing And Mumbling To Herself.

"This Little Girl..." I Said To Myself As I Shook My Head. "Why Lord?" I Asked As I Dropped Back Down On My Back.


"Breakfast" I Yelled.

I Was Forced To Get Up Cause I Was Not Going To Have My House Burnt Down By No Kid...

"Finally" Genesis Said As She Came And Sat At The Table.

I Had To Raise An Eyebrow To That... What A Sassy Little One.

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