Chapter 13 {Newcomers}

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Aphmau's POV
We all head outside as Red asked us to. "Alright time to test out your powers Shelby!" Exclaims Red "Okay!" Says Shelby in a joyful voice.
Shelby concentrates bringing light into her hand. In a matter of seconds a white sword forms in her hand.
"Yes finally!" Shouts Shelby "See I told you would be able to." Says Cory walking up to Shelby and playfully punching her shoulder.
"You two should kiss already!" I say to Cory and Shelby. They both immediately blush at hearing this "I've already said its not like that Aphmau!" Shouts Shelby "Y-yeah so please stop!" Adds Cory "Your mask doesn't hide your blushing Cory." I say with a sly smile "Oh just be quiet!" Cory says looking away.
Sky and I just laugh at the two love birds being flustered. "Alright Shelby let's test out that new sword!" Says Red "Okay who am I up against?" Asks Shelby "Sky!" Says Red. Sky summons his bow "Fight!" Shouts Red.
Sky immediately throws a gust of wind at Shelby knocking her back. Shelby goes and hides behind a tree "How am I suppose to get close to him, he isn't even using his bow!" Says Shelby. She looks at her sword then the sun. Shelby runs into the open field and raises her sword up to the sky causing a blinding light. When we regained our vision Shelby was nowhere to be seen. Then from behind Sky a white slash appears and hits him in the back and appears Shelby. She walks up to Sky and puts her sword to his throat "Looks like I won." She says giggling a little "How did you disappear?!?" Asks Sky getting up "I can manipulate the light around me, so I just made it look like I wasn't there." Says Shelby smiling We all run up to Sky and Shelby "That was awesome Shelby!" Exclaims Cory "Thanks!" Replies Shelby slightly blushing.
"Okay am I the only one that sees this?" I say pointing at Shelby "See what?" Asks Cory "Ugh just never mind." I say yawning.
"Man it's already late." Says Jin "Yeah you guys slept in late dealing with the entities." Says Red "Then let's head in." Says Ross "Sounds good to me." Says Cory shrugging as we all start to head inside. We have something to eat then head to our rooms.
I look around in my dream everything looks fuzzy and I see what is either two or three people. I can't tell because everything's so fuzzy. I can't seem to see any details of what they look like at all. Eventually we take them in and they train with us.
I wake up in the morning frustrated on how very little details I got from my dream. I walk downstairs with everyone else and sit down on the floor next to Jin. "You okay Aphmau?" Asks Jin "Yeah just slightly frustrated." I sigh out "Well why are you frustrated?" Asks Jin "A had another one of those dreams and there were either two or three people I couldn't tell because it was so fuzzy, but we took them in and trained them because somehow they got powers to." I explain "So basically new people are coming you don't know who yet?" Asks Sky "Exactly!" I say "It almost sounds like we're in a story and some sort of contest is being held where new characters can join the story." Says Red. We all stare in silence at each other "Red that's insane!" Says Cory "But it would make for a good story." Says Red shrugging "Okay whatever, but I'm not sure if these people will be good or bad." I say "We'll have to wait and see I guess." Says Jin "I hate having to wait!" I pout.

Ross's POV
Hearing the news of new people coming doesn't thrill me to much. I've just recently got use to being around everyone here and now more people are going to show up. Well at least they're kinda worried about new people coming. "Let's get to training!" Says Sky eagerly walking out the door.
"Okay I guess that's the end of that." Says Red following Sky "Today we are going to go in pairs again sparring." Says Red "Ross and Jin, Aphmau and Sky, and finally Cory and Shelby." Says Red "Now begin!"
Jin reaches into the pond and shoots missiles of water at me. I summon my staff and use it to shoot stones back at Jin. Jin uses the water to catch all my stones. I dodge a couple more missiles of water then see a huge wave coming my way. I quickly use the earth around me to create a dome. I take down the dome and look to see Jin now has his trident in his hand. He rushes me creating more speeding bullets of water at me. I quickly dodge and throw my staff at him. It knocks the trident out of his hand and I charge Jin pulling out another staff from the ground as my other one disappears. I knock Jin to the ground, sealing my victory. "You're getting better Ross." Says Jin "Yeah I've been working on improvement." I reply helping Jin up we look to see that Aphmau and Sky have finished their battle "Who won?" I ask "Sky..." Pouts Aphmau next to a grinning Sky. We look over to see that Cory and Shelby are still at it.
Cory slashes his scythe sending out a black wave and Shelby does the same with her sword but instead the wave is white. Both are breathing hard and concentrating on the battle "Willing to attack now I see." Says Cory "Well yeah how else can I protect myself." Says Shelby clashing blades with Cory. Shelby keeps slashing at Cory making him take a step back, again, again, and again until Shelby gives a little grin at Cory. Confused Cory just stands the until Shelby quickly grabs his mask pushed him into the pond. She puts the mask on and smiles "I think I won this one!" "Not this again!" Pouts Cory getting out the pond and laying down on the grass. "Can I have my mask back now?" Asks Cory "No." Replies Shelby "Oh come on you know I really don't like other people seeing my face!" Says Cory "Still a no." Says Shelby walking over to us. Cory follows covering his face with his hand "Where are you going?" Asks Aphmau "To my room." Answers Cory. We all laugh a little as Cory walks off.

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